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Dark Horse Presents Ghost
Comic Images - 1997

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.25 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title/Text                            Artists

 1   Birth: I am born in a flash ...       John Cassaday, Randy Emberlin
 2   Birth: Naked, I float upward ...      Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
 3   Birth: I choose my costume ...        Adam Hughes
 4   Birth: I choose my home ...           Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
 5   Birth: I discover my city ...         Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
 6   The Hunt: I start the hunt ...        Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 7   The Hunt: My hunt leads me ...        Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 8   The Hunt: The hunt for my origin ...  Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 9   Margo: I know I am Elisa ...          Ivan Reis, Barbara Kaalberg
10   The Hunt: The second you start ...    Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
11   Hell: I discover something new ...    Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
12   Margo: I can't help it ...            Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
13   Margo: Margo's starring in ...        Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
14   Hell: A demon escapes ...             Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
15   Hell: Cameron Nemo ...                Adam Hughes, Karl Story
16   Hell: King Tiger ...                  Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
17   Scythe: Barb Wire ...                 Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
18   Bounty Hunt                           Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
19   Margo: I move in with Margo ...       Terry Dodson, Gary Martin
20   October: Another day ...              Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
21   October: Dr. October steps ...        Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
22   October: Dr. October and her ...      George Dove, Bernard Kolle
23   Hell: Trapped inside ...              George Dove, Bernard Kolle
24   October: I escape my hell ...         Brian Apthrop, Gary Martin
25   Crux: The short list of people ...    H. M. Baker, Bernard Kolle
26   Crux: In my parents' blood ...        Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
27   Crux: With cold certainty ...         Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
28   Scythe: Elisa Cameron's ...           Shepard Hendrix, Tom Simmons
29   Scythe: I'm not the only ...          David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
30   Scythe: Scythe has his hooks ...      David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
31   Scythe: Under Scythe's spell ...      David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
32   Margo: Scythe has his hooks ...       David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
33   Margo: I hold your body ...           David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
34   Miasma: Miasma enters ...             David Bullock, Randy Emberlin
35   Cameron Scythe: Two of my ...         Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
36   Miasma: Miasma is sucked into ...     Steve Yeowell, Randy Emberlin
37   Miasma: Miasma has taken ...          Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
38   Miasma: Miasma is inside ...          Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
39   Focus: Focus leades the Furies ...    Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
40   Crux: Miasma is riding ...            Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
41   Miasma: Miasma loses her ...          Doug Braithwaite, Randy Emberlin
42   Peter                                 Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
43   Focus: Focus is the only ...          Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
44   Margo: Focus uses her powers ...      Ivan Reis, Barbara Kaalberg
45   Margo: One time my sister ...         Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
46   Margo: I remember ...                 Ivan Reis, Barbara Kaalberg
47   Cameron Scythe: Barb Wire ...         Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
48   Cameron Scythe: Welcome to ...        Jason Pearson
49   Cameron Scythe: Cameron ...           Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
50   Focus: Focus helps me ...             Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
51   Crux: Hello, I'm hunting ...          Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
52   X: My hunt for the tape ...           Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
53   X: Crux locks me in a jade ...        Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
54   X: Locked in a jade room ...          Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
55   The Hunt: My hunt rages on ...        Brian Apthorp, Gary Martin
56   Exhuming Elisa: I descend ...         Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
57   Exhuming Elisa: I've become ...       Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
58   Exhuming Elisa: My ally ...           Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
59   Exhuming Elisa: My hunt ...           John Cassaday, Randy Emberlin
60   Exhuming Elisa: In my search ...      Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
61   Exhuming Elisa: When I hunt ...       Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
62   Exhuming Elisa: In the vast ...       Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
63   Exhuming Elisa: Captured by ...       Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
64   Exhuming Elisa: The behemoth ...      Ivan Reis, Randy Emberlin
65   Exhuming Elisa: As I rush ...         Adam Hughes
66   Ghost Creators                        Eric Luke
67   Ghost Creators                        Chris Warner
68   Ghost Creators                        Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
69   Ghost Creators                        H. M. Baker, Bernard Kolle
70   Ghost Creators                        Ivan Reis
71   Ghost Creators                        Randy Emberlin
72   Checklist                             David Steward


Chromium Cards (1:8 packs)

C1   Comics' Greatest World 1              Dave Dorman
C2   Ghost Cover 3                         Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer
C3   Ghost Cover 8                         H. M. Baker
C4   Ghost Cover 10                        Stan Manoukian, Vince Roucher
C5   Ghost Cover 11                        Brian Apthorp, Gary Martin
C6   Ghost Cover 22                        John Cassaday, Randy Emberlin

Autograph Card (500 signed)

--   Autographed Card - Congratulations!   Eric Luke

Card Album

--   (Binder)


P1   Ships May 1997
P2   Ships May 1997

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