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Ghost in the Shell  (Chromium)
JPP/Amada - 1997

Note:  The cards show the 1995 copyright date for the original feature-length
animé, but the set was produced in 1997.

Box: 24 packs of 6 chromium cards + 1 reflector card.
Common sets: approx. 3.15 per box if collation were perfect.
Reflector sets: approximately 1.60 per box.

No.     Title                                        Subset / Title on Card Back

 01     Title Card / Production Information
 02     Motoko Kusanagi                              Characters
 03     Batou                                        Characters
 04     Togusa                                       Characters
 05     Ishikawa                                     Characters
 06     Aramaki                                      Characters
 07     Nakamura                                     Characters
 08     Dr. Willis                                   Characters
 09     HQ Operator                                  Characters
 10     Programmer                                   Characters
 11     Garbage Worker (A)                           Characters
 12     Garbage Worker (B)                           Characters
 13     Executive Criminal                           Characters
 14     Diplomat (of Gavel)                          Characters
 15     Minister of Foreign Affairs                  Characters
 16     Colonel Malez                                Characters
 17     Puppet Master 1                              Characters
 18     Puppet Master 2                              Characters
 19     Brain Casing                                 The Artificial Body
 20     Muscle Tissue                                The Artificial Body
 21     Outer skin formation                         The Artificial Body
 22     Membrane Exfoliation                         The Artificial Body
 23     Cleaning 1                                   The Artificial Body
 24     Cleaning 2                                   The Artificial Body
 25     Surfacing 1                                  The Artificial Body
 26     Surfacing 2                                  The Artificial Body
 27     Drying                                       The Artificial Body
 28     Motoko Kusanagi's private time               Motoko's private time
 29     The Garbage Truck                            The garbage truck
 30     Batou chases                                 Tsuasutaba CZ-M100
 31     Kusanagi chases                              Thermo-optic Camouflage
 32     Kusanagi puts on her coat                    Batou, a different look
 33     Scuba Diving                                 Floater
 34     Nakamura pays a visit to Section 9           Limousine
 35     Togusa shoots                                Mateba M2007
 36     Batou chases                                 An escaping car
 37     Catching the escaping car                    Roadblock
 38     The fight begins                             Visor
 39     "Blow out the glass ceiling!"                Museum
 40     Motoko hiding behind a pillar                9 Weapon
 41     A tank shoots at Motoko                      Tank!
 42     Batou shoots at a tank                       Penetrator
 43     Dialog between Motoko and the Puppet Master  Section 6 Sniper Helicopter
 44     Kusanagi is ...                              Moroko, the girl
 45     Checklist card


Reflector Cards (1:pack)

S-01    Hacking
S-02    Receiving
S-03    Standby
S-04    Support
S-05    Night View
S-06    Diving
S-07    Duty
S-08    Escape
S-09    Thermo-optics
S-10    Puzzle card
S-11    Puzzle card
S-12    Puzzle card
S-13    Puzzle card
S-14    Puzzle card
S-15    Puzzle card

Clearchrome Cards (1:12 packs)


Special Reflector Card (1:96 packs)



 --     (Unnumbered, Holochrome)

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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