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Adventures at the Giant Bar Ranch: Space Series
   Ziegler - 1951

Notes: Cards are 1-7/8" x 4-5/8" with color artwork and blank backs (backs served 
as a candy tray in the packaging). This and several other series are headlined 
"Adventures at the Giant Bar Ranch in 26 Chapters." American Card Catalog 
reference is R792-2. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

    No.    Caption

      1   "Coco here is my new pony," said Little Zig of Gia
      2   As Little Zig mounted Coco, the other ranch hands
      3   Zig and his pony Coco spied the flying saucer, too
      4   The saucermen found Zig hiding behind a rock and d
      5   Little Zig, in a space suit, became dizzy as the b
      6   The flying saucer landed in a strange-looking worl
      7   Little Zig looked out of his prison window at the
      8   Meanshile, Barr - King of the Saucermen - plotted
      9   Princess Candia, King Barr's pretty daughter, saw
     10   Candia visited Zig when no one was looking. She ha
     11   King Barr promised Candia she could take a ride to
     12   The next day Candia went to the flying saucer hang
     13   As Zoo-Zoo toddled into the flying saucer, Candia
     14   Meanwhile, King Barr found out that Zig was not in
     15   Candia and Zig were frightened, but the saucermen
     16   King Barr okayed Candia's journey, and the flying
     17   But suddenly another big space ship loomed up in f
     18   The two space ships narrowly missed each other! Th
     19   Candia ordered the crew to land at the spot where
     20   Little Zig climbed out of Zoo-Zoo's pouch, took of
     21   Meanwhile Coco had returned to the ranch alone! Th
     22   All Zig's friends and the Giant Bar Ranch hands se
     23   The searchers stopped, astonished, as a flying sau
     24   Little Zig saw his friends and ran out of the flyi
     25   Candia watched Little Zig and his friends from the
     26   Zig rode Coco back to the ranch, and told about hi

     --   Smarty Pants Patches [merchandise card]

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