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Adventures at the Giant Bar Ranch: Rustlers (Western Series)
   Ziegler - 1951

Notes: Cards are 1-7/8" x 4-5/8" with color artwork and blank backs (backs served 
as a candy tray in the packaging). This and several other series are headlined 
"Adventures at the Giant Bar Ranch in 26 Chapters"; Series 2 is marked similarly.
American Card Catalog reference is R792-3. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Chapter   Caption

      1   Roundup-time meant hard work at the Giant Bar Ranc
      2   The top hand, Energy George, and little Zig, son o
      3   Meanwhile Dangerous Dave and his masked men watche
      4   The ranch was short of hands, so Energy George had
      5   Zig started for the gulch - never guessing the tro
      6   Dave and his men saw their chance, and raced to th
      7   Dave hid his rustlers so little Zig didn't know he
      8   Zig rode along, looking for strays, wishing he was
      9   Suddenly Dave called out, "Reach for the Sky!" Zig
     10   The gang blindfolded Zig,  tied his hands behind h
     11   Energy George was worried because little Zig didn'
     12   The coqwboy came racing to report signs of a fight
     13   Energy George rode to the ranchhouse at once to te
     14   Don and George took all the cowboys, and started f
     15   Dave's plan had worked. With all the men away from
     16   Little Zig tugged at his ropes to get free. He had
     17   Free at last, Zig ran toward the ranch. He had to
     18   Happy to know that Zig was safe, Don Kandy and Geo
     19   The Giant Bar Ranch hands split into two groups, w
     20   George and his men raced for the range. The Giant
     21   The Giant Bar Ranch hands rode hard and fast, foll
     22   Dave and the rustlers saw that they were followed.
     23   Don Kandy and his men got there in time, and the o
     24   The rustlers didn't look so dangerous now. As they
     25   All except one. Dave saw his chance in the confusi
     26   Don Kandy and Energy George were mighty proud of Z

     --   Smarty Pants Patches [merchandise card]

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