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Girls of the Finest Series 2
   The Finest - A G.I. Joe Costume Club - 2014

Notes: These cards feature images for members of the cosplay group and promote 
the 2015 calendar, released through an Indiegogo charity campaign. Thanks to David 
Rosciszewski for the list! Further information and scans are posted at the Finest 
Facebook page.

       Name                  Border Color

       [Title Card]

       Baroness              Red      [face forward]
       Baroness              Red      [1/2-L profile]
       Cobra Commander       Red
       Cobra PR              Red
       Cobra Recruiter       Red
       Cobra Viper           Red
       Cover Girl            Blue
       Diana                 Brown
       Scarlett              Blue     [1/2-R profile]
       Scarlett              Blue     [weapon raised]
       Zanya                 Purple
       Zarana                Purple

       Girls of the Finest 2014-2015 (patch)

       5"x7" sheet of "photo shoot" images:
         Scarlett-Holly-Veronica   Sara-Mia-Sally
         Dementia-Robin-Amy        Joe-Roberta-Natalie

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