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Finest Series One Collector Cards
   The Finest - A G.I. Joe Costume Club - 2012

Notes: These cards feature images for members of the cosplay group. Thanks to 
David Rosciszewski for the tip! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Finest blog.

       Title                         Code Name

       Alley Viper                   Cobra Urban Assault Trooper
       Cobra Commander               Enemy Leader
       Cobra Intelligence Officer    Baroness
       Cobra Ninja                   Stormshadow
       Cobra Public Relations        Enemy PR Officer
       Commando                      Snake Eyes
       Communications Officer        Breaker
       Enemy Weapons Supplier        Destro
       Mainframe                     Computer Specialist
       The Enemy                     Cobra Driver
       Viper                         Cobra Infantry
       Warrant Officer               Flint

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