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G.I. Joe (New Zealand) - Series 1
Hasbro / Milton Bradley - 1986

Notes:  These cards use the same artwork as the cards distributed in blister 
packs in the USA, but only about half of the U.S. distribution was featured 
in the first series from New Zealand. A second series was prepared for New 
Zealand in 1988, with images from the second part of the U.S. series and 
with large-scale renumbering and a change in card size. Thanks much to 
Sean Wright for the checklist! 

No.   Title                                     Code Name


  1   Counter Intelligence                      Scarlett
  2   Machie Gunner                             Rock 'n Roll
  3   Laser Rifle Trooper                       Flash
  4   Mortar Soldier                            Short-Fuze
  5   Bazooka Soldier                           Zap
  6   Communications Officer                    Breaker
  7   HALO Jumper (High Altitude Low Opening)   Ripcord
  8   Commando                                  Snake-Eyes
  9   Arctic Trooper                            Snow Job
 10   Marine                                    Gung-Ho
 11   Helicopter Assault Trooper                Airborne
 12   Flamethrower                              Blowtorch
 13   Heavy Machine Gunner                      Roadblock
 14   Tracker                                   Spirit
 15   First Sergeant                            Duke
 16   Jungle Trooper                            Recondo
 17   Dog Handler (K-9)                         Mutt
 18   Infantry Trooper                          Footloose
 19   Silent Weapons                            Quick Kick
 20   Hostile Environment                       Airtight
 21   Fire Fighter                              Barbeque
 22   Missile Specialist                        Bazooka
 23   Sailor                                    Shipwreck
 24   Warrant Officer                           Flint
 25   Mountain Trooper                          Alpine
 26   Desert Trooper                            Dusty
 27   Seal (Sea, air and land)                  Torpedo
 28   Mine Detector                             Tripwire
 29   Covert Operations                         Lady Jaye
 30   Medic                                     Doc


 31   Mauler M.B.T. Tank
 32   Jet Pack (JUMP)
 33   Rapid-Fire Motorcycle (RAM)
 34   Attack Cannon (FLAK)
 35   Attack Vehicle (VAMP)
 36   Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL)
 37   Motorized Battle Tank (MOBAT)
 38   Amphibious Personnel Carrier (APC)
 39   Pac/Rat Flame Thrower
 40   Pac/Rat Machine Gun
 41   Twin Battle Gun (Whirlwind)
 42   Armored Missile Vehicle (Wolverine)
 43   Polar Battle Bear (Skimobile)
 44   Skystriker XP-14F
 45   Assault Copter (Dragonfly XH-1)
 46   Falcon Glider
 47   Machine Gun Defense Unit
 48   Mortar Defense Unit
 49   Bivouac
 50   Watch Tower
 51   Mountain Howitzer
 52   Check Point
 53   Air Defense
 54   Vamp Mark II
 55   Self-Propelled Cannon (Slugger)
 56   Hovercraft
 57   Skyhawk V.T.O.L. (vertical take off and landing)
 58   Weapons Transport
 59   Bomb Disposal
 60   Armadillo Mini-Tank
 61   Silver Mirage Motorcycle
 62   A.W.E. (All Weather and Environment)
 63   Snow Cat
 64   G.I.Joe Bridgelayer
 65   G.I.Joe Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg

Cartoon Scenes

 66   Captive Colonel
 67   On Target
 68   Zartan in Pursuit
 69   Zartan Rules
 70   Swamp Battle
 71   Convoy vs. Cobra
 72   Scarlett Defender
 73   Fall From Power
 74   Sharp Attack
 75   Firefly Moves Up
 76   Dreadnok Duty
 77   Sky Hawk Action
 78   Blackwater Prision
 79   Can Opener Fires
 80   Cobra Escape
 81   An Evil Rescue
 82   Basket Trick
 83   Cobra Sleep Gas
 84   Sky Pilots
 85   Weather Dominator
 86   Hurricane Alert
 87   Snake-Eyes Fires
 88   Fleeing Tyranny
 89   Breakout!
 90   Three to One
 91   Fools for Gold
 92   Unleashed Fury
 93   Cobra Globe
 94   Lightning Strike
 95   Cobra Commander

 96   Checklist

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