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G.I. Joe: Retaliation
   Enterplay / Hasbro - 2013

Notes: Cards show only the Hasbro copyright. Further information and scans are 
posted at the Enterplay website.

Packs: 3 cards + 1 tattoo sheet.

No.   Title

   Character Cards

 01   Zartan
 02   Firefly
 03   Mouse
 04   Jinx
 05   Snake Eyes
 06   Lady Jaye
 07   Cobra Commander
 08   Roadblock
 09   Storm Shadow
 10   Duke
 11   Flint
 12   Joe Colton

   Story Cards

 13   "The World Ain't Saving Itself!"
 14   "The Time Has Come"
 15   Blade of Justice
 16   "You Have No Idea"
 17   "The Ear That Sees"
 18   One Nation, Under Cobra
 19   "His Favorite Mistake"
 20   Firefly's Fireflies
 21   "Making More Things Go BOOM by 9 AM"
 22   Solitary Confinement
 23   "We Can Start Being Soldiers Again"
 24   In Too Deep
 25   Escape From Hell
 26   "Nothing Wrong With Taking A Victory Lap"
 27   High Stakes
 28   "She Idles a Little Rough in Neutral"
 29   On Top of the World
 30   "The Mantle of Leadership"
 31   "Security's Early"
 32   Settling Old Scores
 33   Enemy Waters
 34   Project Zeus
 35   Dangerous Cargo
 36   Seeing Stars
 37   "I want it Aall!"
 38   "There is One Man"
 39   Crashing the Compound

   Key Characters / Puzzle Cards

 40   Snake Eyes
 41   Roadblock
 42   Firefly
 43   Mouse
 44   Lady Jaye
 45   Storm Shadow
 46   Cobra Commander
 47   Jinx
 48   Clutch

Tattoos (1:pack)

T1    G.I. Joe Star, G.I. Joe Helicoptor, "Brothers" Ninja Badge
T2    Snake Eye's Ninja Hexogram, Cobra Badge, "Brothers" Calligraphy
T3    G.I. Joe Heritage Badge, G.I. Joes Standard, Military Issue Logo
T4    Arashikago Ninja Braid, Cobra Tattoo, Snake Eyes Logo
T5    Go Joe! logo, Tank Tattoo, Cobra Badge
T6    Cobra Badge, G.I. Joe Heritage Badge, Arashikagi Ninja Dragon

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