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G.I. Joe - Mission: Search and Destroy
Hasbro 1993

Notes:  The basic cards were included with action figures, while the "M" 
cards were inserted with Marvel Comics. Many thanks to Dave Strohmenger 
for the list!

No.   Title

Basic Cards

  1   Duke Plans His Attack
  2   Finding the Final Elements
  3   Frostbite vs. Alley-Viper
  4   Cobra Armored Column
  5   The Cobra Detonator Moves in for the Kill
  6   The Headquarters' Last Moments
  7   In a Night-Creeper's Clutches
  8   The Mayan Temple Rescue
  9   A Night-Creeper Knockout!
 10   Code Name: Cutter
 11   Head Hunters Are Up to Something Fishy!
 12   Code Name: Gung-Ho
 13   Cobra Cyber-Viper
 14   G.I. Joe Mega-Marines
 15   Gung-Ho vs. Bio-Viper
 16   Space Commando
 17   Duke vs. Destro
 18   Duke Discovers the Ultimate Weapon!
 19   Duke Commandeers the Ultimate Robot!
 20   Checklist

Comic Book Cards

 M1   Code Name: Duke
 M2   Trouble for Scarlett
 M3   Cobra Cyber-Viper
 M4   Cobra's Ultimate Weapon

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