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Gilligan's Island
   Topps - 1965

Notes: Card fronts show black-and-white scenes from the show with bubble 
captions holding humorous quotes. Card backs have two "flip action" movie 
scenes that simulate a moving picture when the ordered deck is riffled; titles 
are "Gilligan in Action" and "Skipper Takes a Trip." A reprint set was 
produced at a later date. American Card Catalog reference is R710-9. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

 1    You'll be safe Skipper! Only if I stand behin
 2    Gee Skipper, you pop up in the strangest plac
 3    Somebody call for a handy man?
 4    Are you sure this will go up? Yeah! But I don
 5    Don't hit them too hard! They're only eggs!
 6    Stop crying, Skipper, I'll always be with you
 7    Gee, I thought you were the Statue of Liberty
 8    You said drop everything, so I dropped the lo
 9    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Gilligan!
10    You first!
11    If you say one word I'll kill myself! What's
12    What could go wrong with me at the wheel?
13    it's the footprint of a horrible monster! You
14    Always happy to lend a hand, Skipper!
15    Drink this and you'll feel like a million dol
16    My gosh, it does look like Gilligan!
17    There's soemthing fishy about this place!
18    (Bob Denver)
19    You're so strong, so brave, so fearless! You'
20    Are you sure we're safe from Gilligan in here
21    Everything I say to you goes in one head and
22    Does neatness count?
23    Why did I sit on that ant hill?
24    Are you sure Tarzan started this way?
25    Bang
26    I think the radio is fixed! Yeah? See if you
27    A sentry must always be alert!
28    Ever have a fish in your mouth?
29    Gilligan, investigate those strange noises. T
30    Where are we going on this raft? Straight dow
31    Gee, we could be stuck here for years!
32    One false move and I'll shoot!
33    Where'd everybody go?
34    I wonder what the Skipper had in mind with th
35    I don't know what I'd do without you, but I'd
36    I'm a witch doctor making a house call!
37    Gilligan to the Rescue! Oh no! Don't Bother W
38    Can you see anything? Yeah, the back of your
39    What a crazy time to gargle!
40    Only an idiot would fly this plane! Happy lan
41    Why'd I have to be stuck on the same island w
42    Anyone for a showdown!
43    Aw come on, stick 'em up!!
44    Uh-oh, the Skipper stepped in my animal trap!
45    They'll never find me in this poison ivy!
46    I'm starting my own fan club!
47    I think I'm losing my mind! Don't worry! You'
48    Who's the wise guy who said "Go jump in the l
49    It's time you learned something about sailing
50    Let me at him! Let me at him! Don't listen to
51    I'm the brains of this outfit!
52    I'm -plane- crazy about flying!
53    I shouldn't have made a hole in the boat to l
54    I think I'm seasick. When we're stuck in the
55    The Castaways

REPRINT SET COVER CARD (marked "# of 2,500")

--    Gilligan's Island Limited Edition Reprint Set

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