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Gilligan's Island Premium
   Dart Flipcards - 1997/1998

Note:  Thanks to Steve Lillard and John Oder for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 1    Marooned
 2    The Mighty Sailin' Man
 3    The Skipper - Brave and Sure
 4    The Millionaire
 5    The Millionaire's Wife
 6    The Actress
 7    The Professor and Mary Ann
 8    Events of the Day
 9    The Castaways
10    The World of 1964
11    Not a Deserted Island
12    Save Our Souls
13    Splashdown
14    Big or Small
15    Animals on the Island
16    A Show of Stars
17    The Minnow Can't Float
18    A New Treasure
19    More Castaway Adventures
20    To Tell the Truth
21    Scientific "Homework"
22    The Happy Couple
23    Sometimes, We All Feel Old
24    Beauty Is as Beauty Does
25    Oath of Loyalty
26    Where's The Luck?
27    Temporarily Rescued
28    Rescue from Gilligan's Island
29    Not Cast Away
30    Halloween Time - In January
31    Oops!
32    Secret Agent "008"!
33    Did You Know?
34    Famous Star Actors on Gilligan's Island
35    A Family Affair
36    Mr. Magoo or Mr. Howell?
37    Globetrotters
38    An Appropriate Catch
39    Casting Call
40    Actor, Writer and More!
41    Alphabet Soup
42    A Star at Night - and Day
43    Angel on the Island
44    A Dictator Rules
45    They're Just Kids at Heart
46    It's All True
47    Sleep Time - Dream Time
48    Finally - Permanently Rescued
49    Right or Wrongway!
50    Dreams for a Rescue
51    Not As It Seems
52    Off-Key
53    Don't Slap These Mosquitoes
54    Mr. Versatile
55    Roy Hinkley
56    Memorable Years
57    The Surf Is Up
58    True Romance
59    The Ballad of Gilligan's Island
60    The Originals
61    It's Time To Howell
62    Mars Attack!
63    Come One - Come All
64    Out of This World
65    Memorable Memories
66    Three's Not a Crowd!
67    A Pampered Life
68    Airborne
69    Eunice-Lovey Wentworth Howell
70    Life after Gilligan's Island
71    The Island
72    Checklist


Lenticular Cards (1:18 packs)

L-1   Radio Time
L-2   Gilligan
L-3   Thurston Howell III
L-4   The Astonished Skipper
L-5   Girl Time
L-6   Logically Speaking

Lenticular Cards (Send-Away Offer)


Card Album

 --   (Binder)


P1    (Cast; dealers)
P2    (Minnow; dealers)
--    (Unnumbered, same images as P1; Non-Sport Update)
2/2   (Same images as P2, prismatic foil; Philadelphia Non-Sport Show - April 18/98)
3/3   (Same image as P1, prismatic foil; Toronto Sportscard Expo)
3/3   (Same image as P2, prismatic foil; Toronto Sportscard Expo - May 3/98)
--    (Sell sheet, with Sailor Moon, Mr Bean, The Munsters II)

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