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Gloom Chasers
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1942

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, 
and were reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are joke cartoons with 


    "Bowling again, tonight?"
    "But, she's built different."
    "Did you name it after me, like you said you w
    "Go ahead, yell SNAKE!"
    "Hello Harriet.... I'm home!"
    "Here take it -- it's for you!"
    "Here's a good one. A wife ate breakfast with
    "I'll give you a big smile if you hand me my t
    "It needs a long rest!"
    "It reads 'You're loveable, soft-spoken, easy
    Just tell him it's... 'Haven't-we-met-somewher
    "Mind coming back later? I'm painting the ceil
    "Now don't give me any more of your lip!"
    "Oh, look! Here comes my first husband."
    "Professor Valenti will now discuss the result
    "Romeo, Romeo........ wherefore art thou, Rome
    "She isn't dressed yet -- See!"
    "Smithers, you've got an eye for business."
    "That miner you jilted for me -- whatever happ
    "The lady from the Welfare Department wants to
    "This one's MINE!"
    "Try this new wonder drug especially for today
    "Walk then.... I always carry a spare."
    "Well, I'll be d..m. You're positively right."
    "What else does he do besides beg?"
    "What's the bandage around your chest for?"
    "You had a leak in your mustard chamber."
    "You knew what I was when you first married me
    "You should have seen the one that got away!"
    "You sure are getting thin, Mabel."

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