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The G-Men from Hell
   The Drawn Word - 2017

Notes: The series was originally distributed by crowdfunding, in a 
sealed set of 12 skip-numbered cards, inspired by Mike Allred and 
Christopher Irving. The presentation is for "retro" cards that would 
have chronicled a G-Men movie ("Hell for Monsters") that could have 
been made in the 1960s. Further information and scans are posted at 
the Drawn Word website.

      No.    Title                               Reference to Cards Not Made

        1    The G-Men from Hell
        2    Dean Crept
        3    Mike Mattress
        4    Merete Morrissey                    See Card  #5 - "A Job from the Devil"
        8    That's Some Rock                    See Card  #9 - "Meeting the Egghead"
       12    Dr. Flem The Egghead                See Card #13 - "Mike Is Down!"
       21    Mike Armors Up                      See Card #22 - "It's Raccoon Season!"
       46    AstroApe and the Cave Girls         See Card #47 - "AstroApe Sees Stars"
       71    The Demon Is All Hands!
       72    Mike Hits Rock Bottom               See Card #73 - "The Devil Was a Dame"
       74    Sweet Words from a Devil            See Card #75 - "Crept Returns!"
       --    Produced by ... [movie credits]


       --    Comic book and pop culture trading cards (shows 5 series and logo)
       --    January 2017 (with Madman 25)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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