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The Golden Compass
   Inkworks - 2007

Notes:  Thanks to tsmeltzer for the update! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Inkworks website.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 9 cards, 10 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.82 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Blister Pack: 2 packs of 9 cards, one with an insert.

     No.    Title                                       Dæmon

       1    The Golden Compass [title card]
       2    Lyra Belacqua                               Pantalaimon (Primary Form: Ferret)
       3    Roger Parslow                               Salcilia (Primary Form: Terrier)
       4    Mrs. Coulter                                The Golden Monkey
       5    Lord Asriel                                 Stelmaria (Snow Leopard)
       6    Master of Jordan College
       7    Fra Pavel                                   Chameleon
       8    The Gyptians
       9    Ma Costa                                    Hawk
      10    John Faa                                    Crow
      11    Farder Coram                                Bird
      12    Billy Costa                                 Ratter (Various Forms)
      13    Lee Scoresby                                Hester (Hare)
      14    Iorek Byrnison                              none
      15    Serafina Pekkala                            Kaisa (Snow Goose)
      16    Witches' Words
      17    Off-Limits
      18    Scheming
      19    Stop!
      20    Discovery
      21    Reprimand
      22    Kidnappers
      23    Caught!
      24    Opportunity
      25    Secrets
      26    The Alethiometer
      27    Departure
      28    Seeing London
      29    Compass Secrets
      30    A New Threat
      31    Danger
      32    New Friends
      33    Evil Work
      34    Gyptian King
      35    Captured
      36    Queen of the Witches
      37    Help for Hire
      38    Fearsome Friend
      39    Armour-Clad
      40    In a Fix
      41    Journey
      42    Ghostly Cabin
      43    Rescued
      44    Attack
      45    Kidnapped
      46    Icy Reception
      47    Rightful King
      48    Bear Ride
      49    Farewell
      50    Arrival
      51    Reunited
      52    Trapped
      53    Clinical Captive
      54    The Truth
      55    A Way Out
      56    Foiled?
      57    Saviors
      58    Reinforcements
      59    Up and Away
      60    Future Fights


      61    At Work
      62    Magisterial Police
      63    Magisterial Spies
      64    A Ghastly Truth
      65    The Magisterial Seat
      66    Non-Believers


      67    Mrs. Coulter and Lyra
      68    The Magisterium and Lord Asriel
      69    Iorek Byrnison and King Ragnar Sturlusson
      70    The Gyptians and The Gobblers
      71    The Witches and The Tartars

      72    Checklist


Fight to the Death Foil Cards (1:7 packs)

     FD1    Quick Thinking
     FD2    Uneven Fight
     FD3    Face to Face
     FD4    In Control
     FD5    A Last Blow
     FD6    The Rightful King

Truth Teller Lenticular Cards (1:9 packs)

     TT1    Learning Curve
     TT2    Lost Art
     TT3    Rightful Owner
     TT4    Ghost Hunt
     TT5    Face-Off
     TT6    Royal Request

Lyra's World Lenticular Cards (1:9 packs)

     LW1    Oxford
     LW2    London
     LW3    Trollesund
     LW4    Bolvangar
     LW5    Svalbard
     LW6    North Pole

Dæmon Form Cards (1:23 packs)

     DF1    Lyra & Pantalaimon
     DF2    Lord Asriel & Stelmaria
     DF3    Mrs. Coulter & The Golden Monkey

Pieceworks Cards (1:24 packs)

    PW1     Lord Asriel's Suit
    PW2     Mrs. Coulter's Dinner Dress
    PW3     Lyra's Blue Dress
    PW4     Serafina's Dress
    PW5     Mrs. Coulter's Cocktail Dress
    PW6     Mrs. Coulter's Caplet
    PW7     Lord Asriel's Tweed Jacket
    PW8     Lyra's Arctic Coat
    PW9     Lyra's Best Dress
    PW10    Farder Coram's Coat
    PW11    Fra Pavel's Coat

Case-Loader Card

     CL1    Other Worlds

Card Album (sold separately)

      --    (binder)


 GC-P1      (Lyra riding Iorek)
 GC-P2      (Serafina and Scoresby)
 GC-UK      (Asriel; U.K. distribution)
 GC-Pi      (Coulter; exclusive)
 GC-BF      (Lyra, Asriel, dæmons; London Book Fair)
 GC-CFF     (Lyra, Asriel, dæmons; Cannes Film Festival)
 GC-LS      Iorek and Lyra; New York Licensing Show)
 GC-SD2007  (Iorek and Lyra; San Diego Comic Con 2007)
 GC-UKP     (Lyra riding armoured Iorek)
  --        (dealer sell sheet)

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