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Golden Boys
   A&BC Cards - 1960 (glossy)
   A&BC Cards - 1960 (matte)

Notes: Cards feature black-and-white publicity photos with facsimile 
signatures. The set was printed in two different finishes, glossy and 
matte; cards 37-40 are found only in the glossy version.

  No.    Caption                            Performer

No.  1   In serious mood                    Adam Faith
No.  2   In theatre dressing room           Adam Faith
No.  3   A holiday snap                     Adam Faith
No.  4   With his new car                   Adam Faith
No.  5   On Television                      Adam Faith
No.  6   Star of "Best Girl"                Adam Faith
No.  7   Relaxes                            Billy Fury
No.  8   Arriving in Sweden                 Tommy Steele
No.  9   Signs for a fan                    Tommy Steele
No. 10   with brother Colin Hicks           Tommy Steele
No. 11   Poses for his fans                 Vince Eager
No. 12   "Top Rank" recording star          Vince Eager
No. 13   Popular vocalist                   Vince Eager
No. 14   On stage                           Vince Eager
No. 15   A smile for you                    Elvis Presley
No. 16   Thoughtful mood                    Elvis Presley
No. 17   America's Top Singer               Elvis Presley
No. 18   Pickin' out a tune                 Elvis Presley
No. 19   Chow time on the movie set         Elvis Presley
No. 20   Recording "Jellied Eels"           Joe Brown
No. 21   Guitarist and vocalist             Joe Brown
No. 22   Takes a break                      Joe Brown
No. 23   Shows off his new boots            Joe Brown
No. 24   Popular beat guitarist             Joe Brown
No. 25   Television Stage Star              Joe Brown
No. 26   In action                          Billy Fury
No. 27   Popular film star                  Billy Fury
No. 28   In thoughtful mood                 Billy Fury
No. 29   Decca recording artiste            Billy Fury
No. 30   On television                      Billy Fury
No. 31   Playing Guitar                     Billy Fury
No. 32   Practicing with guitar             Marty Wilde
No. 33   Philips recording artiste          Marty Wilde
No. 34   Rocks again                        Marty Wilde
No. 35   Recording new disc                 Marty Wilde
No. 36   Sings a beat number                Marty Wilde

Glossy Version Only

No. 37   Columbia Recording Star            Dennis Lotis
No. 38   A Portrait                         Dennis Lotis
No. 39   Television and Film Star           Dennis Lotis
No. 40   Latest Film "She'll Have To Go"    Dennis Lotis

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