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James Bond: GoldenEye
Grafitti - 1995

Notes:  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin, X, and Ian Surridge for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.13 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   James Bond Is Back!
  2   Silent Invasion
  3   Captured!
  4   For England, James
  5   A Desperate Escape
  6   Plane Chase
  7   Nine Years Later
  8   Femme Fatale
  9   Playground Of The Rich
 10   High Stakes Player
 11   Place Your Bet
 12   Smooth Operators
 13   On The Lookout
 14   Onatopp's Scheme
 15   The Coveted Prize
 16   Stealing Identities
 17   Mis-Apprehension
 18   A Brilliant Hack
 19   Unscheduled Guests
 20   The Golden "Eye"
 21   Target: Severnaya
 22   Witness To A Massacre
 23   Countdown To Destruction
 24   Caught Red-Handed
 25   Disaster In The Air
 26   Detonation
 27   Electric Inferno
 28   Help From Above
 29   Nothing Left
 30   Rumor Confirmed
 31   Key Survivor
 32   Bond's Mission
 33   Department Of Gadgetry
 34   Q Demonstrates
 35   But Wait, There's More!
 36   BOOM
 37   Food For Thought
 38   Contract Established
 39   Setup
 40   Predator And Prey
 41   A Two-Faced Janus
 42   Death By Tiger
 43   Arrested And Interrogated
 44   Run For Your Life
 45   A Major Breakthrough
 46   Surrounded
 47   The Chase Is On
 48   All Washed Up
 49   Free Drinks!
 50   Artistic Pursuit
 51   New Transportation
 52   Spoils To The Victor
 53   Making A Stand
 54   Tracking Through Cyberspace
 55   Sudden Impact
 56   Caribbean Stopover
 57   Bound For Cuba
 58   Coping With Betrayal
 59   Emotional Support
 60   Rough Landing
 61   Xenia Strikes
 62   Natalya Intervenes
 63   The Final Squeeze
 64   Mission Control
 65   Beneath Placid Waters
 66   Bringing MISCHA On-Line
 67   Racing Against Time
 68   One Plan Spoiled
 69   Worldwide Melt-down
 70   Click, Click, Click ...
 71   Go Ahead, Shoot Him
 72   Ballpoint Blast
 73   Trouble On The Way
 74   Buying Time
 75   Locked In Combat
 76   Down To The Wire
 77   Just Deserts
 78   Death By Computer
 79   To The Rescue...?
 80   What Could Go Wrong?
 81   James Bond, Agent 007
 82   Natalya Fyodorovna Simonoff
 83   Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp
 84   Q
 85   M
 86   Miss Moneypenny
 87   Boris Ivanovich Grishenko
 88   Alec Trevelyan, Agent 006
 89   General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov
 90   Checklist


Composite (James Bond Puzzle) Cards (1:11 packs)

 B1   What does S.P.E.C.T.R.E. stand for, and what
 B2   In The Living Daylights (1987), Agent 004
 B3   "GoldenEye" is the nickname of the vacation home
 B4   What acress portrayed Miss Moneypenny in
 B5   Columbia Pictures released a James Bond spoof
 B6   In You Only Live Twice, Ernst Stavro Blofeld
 B7   What celebrity did Ian Fleming use as his
 B8   In The Living Daylights (1987), what is
 B9   In Licence To Kill (1989), Wayne Newton

Gadgets of "Q" Cards (1:17 packs)

Q1    Laser Beam Wristwatch
Q2    Grappling Hook Belt
Q3    Class 4 Grenade Pen
Q4    Walther PPK Handgun
Q5    Piton Gun
Q6    BMW Roadster

007 GoldenEye Cards (1:35 packs)

JB1   "The name is Bond. James Bond."
JB2   "Ladies first."
JB3   "Always call their bluff."

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)

Uncut Sheet

 --   (90-card panel of base set)


---  (unnumbered)
---  (numbered #x of 500, "Grafitti announces name change to Inkworks")
---  (dealer sell sheet)

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