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Golden West
   Williamson Candy Co. - 1930s

Notes: The 2" x 3" cards have color drawings on fronts and descriptive text 
on backs. They are captioned "Save an entire set of 18 pictures and get a large 
'Golden West' picture suitable for framing." Collector reference is R207. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

  No.   Title

    1   The Tenderfoot.
    2   Billy Meets the Cowboys.
    3   Billy's Pony.
    4   A New Friend.
    5   Learning the Ropes.
    6   Trouble in Camp.
    7   The Cattle Rustlers.
    8   "Stick 'em Up".
    9   Captured.
   10   A Messenger of Trouble.
   11   Kidnapped.
   12   Captive.
   13   Bill Gets a Break.
   14   Saved by a Shot.
   15   The Outlaws Flee.
   16   The Rescue.
   17   More Trouble?
   18   Reward

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