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Gomer Pyle
Fleer - 1965

Note: Thanks much to Pete Porco for the checklist!

No.   Card Text

  1   I can see you'll need my special attention, Pyle!
  2   You mean they taught hin to cut hair this way?
  3   Every Marine;s creed: May that lousy DI choke on h
  4   Sergeant, I hates to say it, but you just don't wh
  5   Pyle, am I in good voice today?
  6   I must be slippin'... two days with me and you can
  7   Pyle, only you could get a mop stuck in a bucket!
  8   Ah sure love it here in the Marines. Ah kin be wor
  9   Sergeant told me I was in G-2. That ain't Intellig
 10   On this entire base we got the cleanest area and A
 11   The Sergeant is all for safety. He said dig a hole
 12   Can't remember what the Sergeant said: 'Paint the
 13   That funny Sergeant put me in G-2 again!
 14   The big wind from Winnetka!
 15   It's got so Ah sweep when Ah sleep and sleep when
 16   Pyle you've got to stop eating those garlic and on
 17   What'd ya mean ya can't count past 50...I'll count...4
 18   While you're down there Pyle, check those cracks f
 19   I'm so tired, mah hair won't even stand up.
 20   Sorry Sergeant, but I thought the General would li
 21   I'd sure hate to meet the spider that spun this we
 22   Guess the Sergeant was right when he called me lea
 23   Don't look so miserable, happy and smiling
 24   That simple grin won't get you out of this goof up
 25   No, not for cleaning your toenails...guess again, Py
 26   Pyle, I'll pick my own teeth, thanks!
 27   Ain't anybody can look as mean and vicious as you
 28   Pyle, what could possibly make you think of me as
 29   Here, just take a Whiff of mah letter.
 30   Ah sure hope she didn't get carried away... It'd b
 31   Shazam!
 32   Looky here Sergeant what I got in the mail.
 33   Don't grind your teeth like that'll w
 34   Happy days, happy days, a four leaf clover.
 35   Mah aunt Ruby found a four leaf clover once and no
 36   Cousin Icabod never found a four-leaf clover and t
 37   Ever since I come here Sergeant, I noticed you ain
 38   Look, Sergeant, guess who won?
 39   Golly, Sergeant, you and Uncle Sam are just too ge
 40   Shazam! Looky here!!
 41   Gosh did your momma get herself lost little feller
 42   Now. You just pretend you're a regular pussy-cat.
 43   Ain't he jest the cutest little feller you ever sa
 44   It ain't the smell so much, Sergeant, it's just th
 45   I don't make the jest cain't enlist.
 46   Het there, li'l ol' king snake. Don't it feel good
 47   Snakes are just like people. You grin at 'em and t
 48   From uncertainty directly to confusion.
 49   If I thought it was possible, Pyle, I'd ask you to
 50   The smell of that cigar sure takes me home. Sort'a
 51   Do you always turn green on the first puff Sergean
 52   In the field, Pyle, you eat berries, roots, fruit
 53   Hope Sergeant Carter found some of those fruits an
 54   All I need now is some turnip greens, hush puppies
 55   Pyle, I might make a Marine out of you yet!
 56   I said I'd find us water if I hadda dig to China.
 57   A drip looking for a drop.
 58   No, Pyle, I'm not doing anything important. I just
 59   Water?? I don't believe it Pyle. The only water yo
 60   What'd you say, Sergeant? I'm surrounded by what k
 61   Do I look like a big, ugly bear, Pyle?' 'Well, Sir
 62   Miss, this little two-seater was made for you and
 63   I'll kill him, 1001: I'll kill him, 1002: I'll kil
 64   Wipe the stupid look off your face, stupid!
 65   Gomer Pyle and friend.
 66   Well, I finally made it fellers... Gomer Pyle, USM

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©2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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