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Good Guys and Bad Guys
   Leaf - 1966

Notes: Card fronts feature color artwork; backs give biographies. American 
Card Catalog reference is R734-2. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

No.   Title                    Other Name / Alias

  1   Robert Ford
  2   Tiburcio Vasquez
  3   Butch Cassidy            Robert Leroy Parker, "George Parker"
  4   Sundance Kid             Harry Longbaugh
  5   Frank Leslie             N. F. Leslie, "Buckskin Frank"
  6   Richard Broadwell        Richard L. Broadwell, "Texas Jack"
  7   Texas Jack               John B. Omohundro
  8   Santa Anna               Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
  9   Rattlesnake Dick         Richard Barter
 10   Black Bart               Charles E. Boles, "Charles E. Bolton"
 11   Joaquin Murieta          "Marauder of the Mines"
 12   Emmet Dalton             "Charley McLaughlin"
 13   Pancho Villa             Doroter Arango
 14   Bill Anderson            William Anderson, "Bloody Bill"
 15   Ben Thompson             "Shotgun Ben"
 16   Reuben Boyce             "Rube", "Pegleg"
 17   Elijah Briant            "Lege"
 18   Bill Brocius             William Brocius, "Curly Bill"
 19   Bill Carver              William Carver, "Cowboy Bill"
 20   Thomas Ketchum           Thomas E. Ketchum, "Black Jack"
 21   Yellowstone Kelley       Edward O. Kelly, "Yellowstone Red"
 22   The Younger Brothers     Thomas Cole, James, Robert
 23   John Hardin              John Wesley Hardin
 24   William Longley          William P. Longley
 25   Crazy Horse
 26   Red Cloud
 27   Pat Garrett
 28   Samuel Colt
 29   Jim Bowi
 30   Cochise
 31   Clay Allison             Robert Clay Allison
 32   Joel Collins
 33   Virgil Earp              Virgil W. Earp
 34   Wild Bill Hickock        James Butler Hickok
 35   Johnny Ringo
 36   Elfago Baca
 37   Jack Behan               John Behan
 38   Kit Carson               (Christopher)
 39   Luke Short
 40       (no # 40)
 41   Sitting Bull
 42   Jess Chisholm            Jesse Chisholm
 43   Bill Clanton             William Clanton
 44   Allen Pinkerton
 45   General George Custer    George ArmstrongCuster
 46   Geronimo
 47   Chief Joseph
 48   Davey Crockett
 49   Frank James
 50   Bat Masterson            W. B. "Bat" Masterson
 51   Quantrell                William Clark Quantrell
 52   William Brady
 53   Wyatt Earp
 54   Robert Dalton
 55   Henry Plummer
 56   Joe Slade                Joseph A. Slade
 57   Tom O'Folliard           Thomas O'Folliard
 58   Sam Bass
 59   John Chisum              John S. Chisum
 60   Colonel Mackenzie        Gen. Randall Mackenzie
 61   Jesse James
 62   Calamity Jane            Martha Jane Cannary
 63   Belle Starr              Myra Belle Shirley
 64   Judge Bean               Judge Roy Bean
 65   Cherokee Bill            Crawford Goldsby
 66   Rube Burrows             Reuben Burrows
 67   William Doolin
 68   Apache Kid               Zenogalache
 69   Ben Kilpatrick           "The Tall Texan"
 70   Kid Curry                Harvey Logan
 71   Buffalo Bill Cody        William F. Cody
 72   Doc Holiday              John H. Holliday, "Tom McKey", "John Powers"
 73   Billy The Kid            William S. Bonney

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