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Island Dreams 2014: Let the Good Times Roll
   ID Artcards - 2014

Notes: All artists made both "regular" and oversized (5" x 7") sketches. The second 
"hit" in packs could be a second sketch, an oversized sketch, a free drink token to 
certain New Orleans bars, or a commemorative coin from a specific year's Mardi 
Gras. Thanks to Brian Kutz for the update! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Island Dreams website.

Oversized pack: 6 base cards + 1 motion card + backer card + 1 other hit.

   Card Text / Artist                                   Artist

Base Cards

   Mardi Gras and masks go together like peanut butte   Danny Silva
   Jesters have been popular figures for centuries. A   Joe Miller
   What some people won't do to get some of those Mar   Jesse Hughes
   There is no better way to watch the festivities of   Sherry Goeben
   For over three hundred years, in good times and ba   Lynne Anderson
   People come to New Orleans for music and culture,    Matt Slusher

Motion Card

   Beads Beads Throw me more BEADS!                     Francois Chartier

Backer Card (6" x 8"; blank back)

   Rue Bourbon

Free Drinks Tickets

   Tropical Isle

Commemorative Coin (randomly inserted)

   Mardi Gras [specific year]

Sketch Cards

   Achilleas Kokkinakis
   Alyssa Meisinger
   Anthony Hochrein
   Babisu Kourtis
   Chris Papantoniou
   Christina Ranburger
   Chuck Zsolnai
   Clinton Yeager
   Dan Gorman
   Danny Silva
   Doug Riggsby
   Elfie Lebouleux
   Elsa Chong
   Emily Riggsby
   Francois Chartier
   J Fer Galicia
   j(ay) Tracy
   Jesse Hughes
   Jim Jimenez
   Joe Miller
   Jonty Gates
   Kenneth Calk
   Kenneth Werning
   Kevin Munroe
   Kimberly Dunaway
   Kitty-Lydia Dye
   Lazaro Suarez
   Louis Small Jr
   Lynne Anderson
   Marcia Dye
   Mark Martino
   Matt Slusher
   Michelle Lewis
   Randy Kintz
   Robert "Floyd" Sumner
   Robert Jimenez
   Ryan van der Draaij
   Sal Galindo
   Scott Rorie
   Shane McCormack
   Sherry Goeben
   Solly Mohamed
   Steve Lydic
   Sue Flask
   Tina Dailey
   Walter D. Rice


   Sue Flask (Chicago Non-Sport Card Show)

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