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Goofy Series Post Cards
   Topps - 1957

Notes: Cards are standard size, not postcard size. Card  fronts show color artwork with 
captions, while card backs provide punchlines. American Card Catalog reference is 
R708-3. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   The drinks are on me!
  2   Herbert, I hope you did your good turn today!
  3   Heres looking at you!
  4   Butterfingers!
  5   Hot Dog
  6   Herman's trying to break into television!
  7   Rock N Roll
  8   A four leaf clover! This is my lucky day!!!
  9   Mr. Smith is tied up at da moment!
 10   Henry, I told you never to go out without your shoes!
 11   When I kiss you I feel warm all over!
 12   You're cute!
 13   Doc, can't I stop taking these reducing pills yet!
 14   When is the next train coming through?
 15   (goat licking)
 16   Congratulate me! I got a blind date with a Circus gal!
 17   Herb's sleeping over our house tonight!
 18   I'm teacher her to lay scrambled eggs
 19   Love at first sight!
 20   I'm sure we can see eye to eye
 21   How to get up in the world!
 22   We're going around together!
 23   Hey, fellows we eat!
 24   Hm-m just as I thought you need glasses!
 25   Once there were three men riding in an airplane -
 26   All you can eat 50
 27   Sir, I want to report a leak!
 28   Ha, ha, you never touched me!
 29   Slow down! Running makes him mad!
 30   My specialty is Indian Warfare!
 31   This is a ripe one! Wrap it up!
 32   Whee, George, isn't this fun?
 33   Sorry, I'm wanted on the phone!
 34   I'm fishing for catfish!
 35   How did he do that?
 36   I'll be right over!
 37   Did you find the socket yet?
 38   I kinda feel run down today!
 39   Beware of dog
 40   Nice of the Chief to have us for dinner!
 41   Aim a little higher next time, Bud!
 42   Now we musn't forget to wipe off our fingerprints before we leave!
 43   Melvin, that nice man wont like that!
 44   I'm takin' the local - I'm going to visit the toy department!
 45   Don't laugh when I say I love you!
 46   If the chute doesn't open fill out Report 64321
 47   Use Grow-Well dog food to make your dog grow!
 48   G'wan! Don't believe everything you read!
 49   I told you not to get junior that chemistry set!!!
 50   Let's get together real soon fellows!
 51   It saves a lot of money on gas!
 52   I guess we ought to turn off the air conditioner!
 53   Hey, the pump is broken - nothing comes out!
 54   No, no, Miss De Vere you don't understand!
 55   Boy I'll say it works!
 56   Sh, Herbert's holding his breath under water - 1003 - 1004 - 1005 - 1006 -
 57   What's hard luck about walking under a ladder?
 58   Tip hour hat to Mrs. Green Richard, it never cost anything to be polite!
 59   I wag mine up and down - I live in a small apartment!
 60   This shopping makes me tired!

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