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Goon Squad: The Art of Charles Burns
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1992

Notes: The unnumbered ards were sold as a boxed set, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", 
and feature color artwork on fronts and black-and-white puzzle backs.

    Description                                Backs

    (white turtleneck, sweaty brow)            (puzzle row 1 column 1)
    (green dog-face with cigar)                (puzzle row 1 column 2)
    (Elvis with square glasses)                (puzzle row 1 column 3)
    (no-nose sweaty alien)                     (puzzle row 1 column 4)
    (pug-nose with shiskers)                   (puzzle row 1 column 5)
    (tall black hairdo)                        (puzzle row 1 column 6)
    (devil with tongue out)                    (puzzle row 2 column 1)
    (pug-nose with orange/green glasses)       (puzzle row 2 column 2)
    (curly-head bride with tear)               (puzzle row 2 column 3)
    (baldie reading book)                      (puzzle row 2 column 4)
    (purple face antennaed with drool)         (puzzle row 2 column 5)
    (red-nose long-neck with green glasses)    (puzzle row 2 column 6)
    (chainsaw for sleepy woman)                (puzzle row 3 column 1)
    (stretch-face with leaky eyeballs)         (puzzle row 3 column 2)
    (smoking purple-head)                      (puzzle row 3 column 3)
    (mohawked oaf with bone)                   (puzzle row 3 column 4)
    (couple in fire)                           (puzzle row 3 column 5)
    (wing-hair with shoulder strap)            (puzzle row 3 column 6)
    (hairy-chest with brown hair)              (puzzle row 4 column 1)
    (one-eye green-face)                       (puzzle row 4 column 2)
    (shooting schoolmarm)                      (puzzle row 4 column 3)
    (crying gray alien within green)           (puzzle row 4 column 4)
    (coffee winker)                            (puzzle row 4 column 5)
    (three-eye in blue jacket)                 (puzzle row 4 column 6)
    (smoking mom, gasmasked kid)               (puzzle row 5 column 1)
    (walking eyeball)                          (puzzle row 5 column 2)
    (scientist puzzles bone)                   (puzzle row 5 column 3)
    (square-eyes and simian fast food)         (puzzle row 5 column 4)
    (grid-face)                                (puzzle row 5 column 5)
    (peeking through door)                     (puzzle row 5 column 6)
    (blue-face with cigar)                     (puzzle row 6 column 1)
    (started with bow tie)                     (puzzle row 6 column 2)
    (green-face plugged in)                    (puzzle row 6 column 3)
    (orange-shirt scratching chin)             (puzzle row 6 column 4)
    (green-face, yellow-eye antennaed)         (puzzle row 6 column 5)
    (blue-face hair bow with long tongue)      (puzzle row 6 column 6)

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