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Government Agents vs Public Enemies
   M. Pressner & Co. - 1936

Notes: Cards were issued in strips (cream paper stock) or singly (gray stock). 
Fronts show color artwork, and backs provide descriptive text. American Card 
Catalog reference is R761. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.     Title

A 201   Blazing Guns!
A 202   Trapped
A 203   Convict's Reward
A 204   A Wise Guy
A 205   A Fight to the Finish
A 206   A Desperate Fight and Capture
A 207   Face to Face with Death
A 208   The Slave Murders
A 209   "Shoot to Kill"
A 210   Two Hour Capture
A 211   Trailing the Criminal
A 212   "Hands Up - All of You"
A 213   The Clue That Led to Capture
A 214   Capture without Guns
A 215   Chase with Death
A 216   Guns of Vengeance
A 217   Signature of Death
A 218   The Christmas Day Capture
A 219   Straight - To the Wanted Man
A 220   The Indian Murders
A 221   The Wounded Gangster
A 222   A Mad Killer Surrenders
A 223   Traveling with Death
A 224   The Fighting Family

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