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Garbage Pail Kids - 3rd Series
Topps - 1986

Preface: Topps produced each Garbage Pail Kids series as a natural group of
88 cards, 44 each of the "a" and "b" variety.  Often the numerical series has
fewer than 44 cards, and the additional cards were planned from the beginning
as variations.  Usually these "planned" variations show up as different back

The 3rd series had two back variations: cards 84a&b and 110a&b.  Cards 113a&b
have the number printed in either black or white.  A numerical set is 82 cards,
and this stage of variation set is 88 cards.

In mid-production, Topps added copyright notices to the fronts of cards that
had puzzle pieces on the backs, and thus no place for the copyright there.  If
these cards are counted, a complete variation set is 128 cards. 

  "a"                                         "b"
 Card  Title             Variation           Card  Title              Variation

   84  Joe Blow          Barber                84  Rod Wad            Barber
   +   Joe Blow          Principal             +   Rod Wad            Principal
   85  Stuck Chuck       Copyright on front    85  Pinned Lynn        Copyright on front
   +   Stuck Chuck       (No copyright)        +   Pinned Lynn        (No copyright)
   86  Horsey Henry                            86  Galloping Glen
   87  Hot Head Harvey   Copyright on front    87  Roy Bot            Copyright on front
   +   Hot Head Harvey   (No copyright)        +   Roy Bot            (No copyright)
   88  Dinah Saur        Copyright on front    88  Farrah Fossil      Copyright on front
   +   Dinah Saur        (No copyright)        +   Farrah Fossil      (No copyright)
   89  Hurt Curt         Copyright on front    89  Pat Splat          Copyright on front
   +   Hurt Curt         (No copyright)        +   Pat Splat          (No copyright)
   90  Stoned Sean       Copyright on front    90  Thick Vic          Copyright on front
   +   Stoned Sean       (No copyright)        +   Thick Vic          (No copyright)
   91  Blake Flake                             91  Hippie Skippy
   92  Marvin Gardens    Copyright on front    92  Spittin' Spencer   Copyright on front
   +   Marvin Gardens    (No copyright)        +   Spittin' Spencer   (No copyright)
   93  Drew Blood        Copyright on front    93  Bustin' Dustin     Copyright on front
   +   Drew Blood        (No copyright)        +   Bustin' Dustin     (No copyright)
   94  Bruised Lee       Copyright on front    94  Karate Kate        Copyright on front
   +   Bruised Lee       (No copyright)        +   Karate Kate        (No copyright)
   95  Grim Jim          Copyright on front    95  Beth Death         Copyright on front
   +   Grim Jim          (No copyright)        +   Beth Death         (No copyright)
   96  Distorted Dot                           96  Mirror Imogene
   97  Punchy Perry                            97  Creamed Keith
   98  Charlotte Web                           98  Didi T.
   99  Beaky Becky                             99  Picky Mickey
  100  Ali Gator                              100  Marshy Marshall
  101  Mushy Marsha      Copyright on front   101  Basking Robin      Copyright on front
   +   Mushy Marsha      (No copyright)        +   Basking Robin      (No copyright)
  102  Mugged Marcus                          102  Kayo'd Cody
  103  Wriggley Rene     Copyright on front   103  Curly Carla        Copyright on front
   +   Wriggley Rene     (No copyright)        +   Curly Carla        (No copyright)
  104  Silent Sandy                           104  Barren Aaron
  105  Juicy Jessica                          105  Green Dean
  106  Fowl Raoul                             106  Mack Quack
  107  Totem Paula       Copyright on front   107  Tatum Pole         Copyright on front
   +   Totem Paula       (No copyright)        +   Tatum Pole         (No copyright)
  108  Smelly Sally                           108  Fishy Phyllis
  109  Toady Terry       Copyright on front   109  Croakin' Colin     Copyright on front
   +   Toady Terry       (No copyright)        +   Croakin' Colin     (No copyright)
  110  Snooty Sam        Big Sister           110  U.S. Arnie         Big Sister
   +   Snooty Sam        Teacher               +   U.S. Arnie         Teacher
  111  Target Margaret                        111  Bullseye Barry
  112  Frank N. Stein    Copyright on front   112  Undead Jed         Copyright on front
   +   Frank N. Stein    (No copyright)        +   Undead Jed         (No copyright)
  113  Alice Island      Black Number         113  Liberty Libby      Black Number
   +   Alice Island      (White Number)        +   Liberty Libby      (White Number)
  114  Starin' Darren    Copyright on front   114  Peepin' Tom        Copyright on front
   +   Starin' Darren    (No copyright)        +   Peepin' Tom        (No copyright)
  115  Warmin' Norman    Copyright on front   115  Well Done Sheldon  Copyright on front
   +   Warmin' Norman    (No copyright)        +   Well Done Sheldon  (No copyright)
  116  Eerie Eric                             116  Berserk Kirk
  117  Rocky N. Roll                          117  Les Vegas
  118  Half-Nelson                            118  Glandular Angela
  119  Ned Head                               119  Still Jill
  120  Babbling Brooke                        120  Jelly Kelly
  121  Apple Cory        Copyright on front   121  Dwight Bite        Copyright on front
   +   Apple Cory        (No copyright)        +   Dwight Bite        (No copyright)
  122  Broad Maud        Copyright on front   122  Large Marge        Copyright on front
   +   Broad Maud        (No copyright)        +   Large Marge        (No copyright)
  123  Glooey Gabe       Copyright on front   123  Sticky Rick        Copyright on front
   +   Glooey Gabe       (No copyright)        +   Sticky Rick        (No copyright)
  124  Hugh Mungous      Copyright on front   124  King-Size Kevin    Copyright on front
   +   Hugh Mungous      (No copyright)        +   King-Size Kevin    (No copyright)

©1999-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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