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Garbage Pail Kids - 4th Series
Topps - 1986

Preface: Topps produced each Garbage Pail Kids series as a natural group of
88 cards, 44 each of the "a" and "b" variety.  For the 4th series, there were
42 of each number printed but cards 132a&b and 161a&b underwent double
print runs. (For most of the other GPK series, there is some characteristic
that makes it possible to distinguish one printing plate's cards from the
other plate's cards, making a tracked "variation" for the double-print cards.
With the 4th Series, the only differences I find are tiny changes in spacing
of items versus the card margins.)  

In mid-production, several of the cards were withdrawn because of objections
from the people or product being parodied.  "Woody Alan" was replaced by
"Oak Kay"; "Reese Pieces" by "Puzzled Paul"; "Crystal Gale" by "Ig Lou"; and
"Salvatore Dolly" by "Battered Brad."  Also revised were checklists 125a and
138a&b.  Thus, a complete variation set includes 84 "planned" cards and 7
"abnormal" cards, or 91 cards.

  "a"                                             "b"
 Card  Title              Variation              Card  Title               Variation

  125  Holly Wood         Checklist Woody Alan    125  Woody Alan
   +   Holly Wood         (Checklist Oak Kay)      +   (Oak Kay)
  126  Armpit Britt                               126  Shaggy Aggie
  127  Travellin' Travis                          127  Flat Tyler
  128  Sloshed Josh                               128  Low Cal
  129  Second Hand Rose                           129  Trashed Tracy
  130  Nicky Hickey                               130  Hank E. Panky
  131  Stuffed Stephen                            131  Rutherford B. Hay
  132  Bony Tony          [[double print run]]    132  Unzipped Zack       [[double print run]]
  133  Furry Murray                               133  Foxy Francis
  134  Hip Kip                                    134  Walt Witless
  135  Rock E. Horror                             135  Marty Gras
  136  Swollen Sue Ellen                          136  Bloated Blair
  137  Max Axe                                    137  Deadly Dudley
  138  Alien Ian          Checklist Woody Alan    138  Outerspace Chase    Checklist Woody Alan
   +   Alien Ian          (Checklist Oak Kay)      +   Outerspace Chase    (Checklist Oak Kay)
  139  Double Iris                                139  4-Eyed Ida
  140  Mouth Phil                                 140  Tooth Les
  141  Ashley Can                                 141  Greta Garbage
  142  Bruce Moose                                142  Hunted Hunter
  143  Melba Toast                                143  Hy Rye
  144  Horny Hal                                  144  Rudy Toot
  145  Dale Snail                                 145  Crushed Shelly
  146  Baked Jake                                 146  Dry Guy
  147  Amazin' Grace                              147  Muscular Molly
  148  Turned-On Tara                             148  Tiffany Lamp
  149  Reese Pieces                               149  Incomplete Pete
   +   (Puzzled Paul)
  150  Hairy Harriet                              150  Bushy Bernice
  151  Losing Faith                               151  Dyin' Dinah
  152  Whisperin' Woody                           152  Van Triloquist
  153  Jack O. Lantern                            153  Duncan Pumpkin
  154  Basket Casey                               154  Dribblin' Derek
  155  Spikey Mikey                               155  Nailed Neil
  156  Warrin' Warren                             156  Brett Vet
  157  Larry Lips                                 157  Distortin' Morton
  158  Meltin' Elton                              158  Crystal Gale
                                                   +   (Ig Lou)
  159  Catty Kathy                                159  Kitty Litter
  160  Decapitated Hedy                           160  Formalde Heidi
  161  Shorned Sean       [[double print run]]    161  Hy Gene             [[double print run]]
  162  Yicchy Mickey                              162  Barfin' Bart
  163  Trish Squish                               163  Ruby Cube
  164  Teddy Bear                                 164  Salvatore Dolly
                                                   +   (Battered Brad)
  165  Dana Druff                                 165  Flakey Fay
  166  Gored Gordon                               166  No Way Jose

©1999-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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