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Garbage Pail Kids - 7th Series
Topps - 1987

Preface: Topps produced each Garbage Pail Kids series as a natural group of 88
cards, 44 each of the "a" and "b" variety.  Often the numerical series has fewer
than 44 cards, and the additional cards were planned from the beginning as
variations.  Usually these "planned" variations show up as different back

The 7th series had two back variations: cards 253a&b and 265a&b.  A numerical
set is 84 cards, a variation set is 88 cards.

In mid-production, the color of the number printed on card 289b was changed,
giving a "black number" and "white number" variation.  A numerical set is thus
84 cards, and a complete variation set includes 89 cards (or 91 cards; see below).

Also reported is a variation in the color of the front GPK logo, either "blue"
or "purple" for cards 260b and 261b. I haven't seen this variation to judge
whether it is a true variation or just a production fault caused by switching
batches of ink. Thanks to Wayne Genualdi and Rachel Miller for updates!

 "a"                                           "b"
Card   Title              Variation           Card  Title                Variation

  251  Barfin' Barbara                         251  Valerie Vomit
  252  Milky Wayne                             252  Dary Cari
  253  Russ Pus           Corner Puzzle Piece  253  Louise Squeeze       Corner Puzzle Piece
   +   Russ Pus           Edge Puzzle Piece     +   Louise Squeeze       Edge Puzzle Piece
  254  Chris Mess                              254  Sandy Clod
  255  On the Mark                             255  Bull's Ira
  256  Jack Pot                                256  Monte Carlo
  257  Cut-Up Carmen                           257  Dotted Lionel
  258  Mickey Mouths                           258  Oral Laurel
  259  Grilled Gil                             259  Well Don
  260  Adam Boom                               260  Blasted Billy II     Blue Logo
                                                +   Blasted Billy II     Purple Logo
  261  Gooey Huey                              261  Bobbi Booger         Blue Logo
                                                +   Bobbi Booger         Purple Logo
  262  Brainless Bryan                         262  Jughead Ted
  263  Vincent Van Gone                        263  Modern Art
  264  Pete Seat                               264  Noel Bowl
  265  Curly Shirley      Center Puzzle Piece  265  Blown Joan           Center Puzzle Piece
   +   Curly Shirley      Edge Puzzle Piece     +   Blown Joan           Edge Puzzle Piece
  266  Roy L. Flush                            266  Shuffled Sherman
  267  Tongue Tied Tina                        267  Braided Brandy
  268  Phil Grim                               268  William Penned
  269  Sharpened Sheena                        269  Cranky Kristin
  270  Cannibal Stu                            270  Brewin' Bruno
  271  Bratty Maddy                            271  Dirty Birdie
  272  Elastic Elwood                          272  Fletcher Stretcher
  273  Haunted Forrest                         273  Sappy Sarah
  274  Reptilian Lillian                       274  Jay Prey
  275  Wheel Barry                             275  Rollin' Roland
  276  Vanessa Undresser                       276  Banana Anna
  277  Reuben Cube                             277  Blockhead Blake
  278  Have a Nice Dave                        278  Miles Smiles
  279  Short Mort                              279  Noah Body
  280  Shut-Up Sherwin                         280  Filled Up Philip
  281  Soured Howard                           281  Paul Bunion
  282  Screwey Dewey                           282  Bent Brent
  283  Alien Alan                              283  Martian Marcia
  284  Manny Heads                             284  Max Stacks
  285  Wind Sheila                             285  Hit N' Ronni
  286  Haley Comet                             286  June Moon
  287  Christine Vaccine                       287  Medi Kate
  288  Grant Ant                               288  Sticky Nikki
  289  Stair Casey                             289  Alexander the Grate  Black Number
                                                +   Alexander the Grate  (White Number)
  290  Busted Armand                           290  Jim Nauseum
  291  Homer Runt                              291  Screwball Lew
  292  Staple Gunther                          292  Clipped Claude

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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