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Garbage Pail Kids - 10th Series
Topps - 1987

Preface: Topps produced each Garbage Pail Kids series as a natural group of 88 cards, 44 each of
the "a" and "b" variety.  Often the numerical series has fewer than 44 cards, and the additional
cards were planned from the beginning as variations.  Usually these "planned" variations show up
as different back designs.

The 10th series had four back variations: cards 379a&b (two each), 385a&b, and 408a&b.  Cards
384a&b had a variation on the front, where a white "square" is visible just below the logo at
the right.  A numerical set is 78 cards, and a complete "variation set" is 88 cards.

  "a"                                                  "b"
 Card  Title                 Variation                Card  Title               Variation

  379  Locked Dorian         Completed Puzzle          379  Sidney Kidney       Completed Puzzle
   +   Locked Dorian         Rob Slob & Double Iris     +   Sidney Kidney       Rob Slob & Double Iris
   +   Locked Dorian         Zach Plague & Still Jill   +   Sidney Kidney       Zach Plague & Still Jill
  380  Vermin Herman                                   380  Gullivered Travis
  381  Ground Chuck                                    381  Lean Jean
  382  Good-Bye Hy                                     382  Farewell Mel
  383  Itchy Mitch                                     383  Raked Jake
  384  Flamin' Raymond       White Square under Logo   384  Hot Toddy           White Square under Logo
   +   Flamin' Raymond       No White Square            +   Hot Toddy           No White Square
  385  Phil 'Er Up           Blue Logo on back         385  Chuckin' Charlie    Blue Logo on back
   +   Phil 'Er Up           Red Logo on back           +   Chuckin' Charlie    Red Logo on back
  386  Snotty Dotty                                    386  Frozen Flo
  387  Fatty Maddie                                    387  Cora Corset
  388  Facey Tracie                                    388  Heads Upton
  389  Dire Rita                                       389  Overflow Joe
  390  Connecting Dots                                 390  Twinny Vinnie
  391  Glass Isaac                                     391  False Iris
  392  Ann Chovie                                      392  Sardine Candice
  393  Jess Express                                    393  Choo-Choo Trina
  394  Barb Wire                                       394  Play Penny
  395  Paved Dave                                      395  Run-Over Grover
  396  Creamed Gene                                    396  Clobbered Bob
  397  Cleaned Up Clint                                397  Sucked Up Stefan
  398  Skiin' Ian                                      398  Sheared Sherwood
  399  Dirty Flora                                     399  Gina Cleaner
  400  Varicose Wayne                                  400  Elaine Vein
  401  Viv E. Section                                  401  Disect Ed
  402  Lunchpail Gail                                  402  Lunchpail Stu
  403  Hunter Punter                                   403  Fractured Francis
  404  Airy Mary                                       404  Hissy Missie
  405  Over-Ripe Melanie                               405  Walter Melon
  406  Shopping Carter                                 406  Super Marcus
  407  Cracked Sheldon                                 407  Wally Walnut
  408  Lickin' Leon          Blue Logo on back         408  Rat-Sucker Randall  Blue Logo on back
   +   Lickin' Leon          Red Logo on back           +   Rat-Sucker Randall  Red Logo on back
  409  Tiltin' Milton                                  409  Amazing Mason
  410  Scratching Pole Paul                            410  Clawed Claude
  411  Van Pire                                        411  Bud Sucker
  412  Mixed-Up Trixie                                 412  Doughy Chloe
  413  Barnyard Barney                                 413  Dick Hick
  414  Umbilical Courtney                              414  Yo Yolanda
  415  Erased Erica                                    415  Wiped Out Winnie
  416  Shootin' Newton                                 416  Sherman Tank
  417  Hangin' Harriet                                 417  Swingin' Sophie

©1999-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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