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Garbage Pail Kids - 15th Series
Topps - 1988

Preface: Topps produced each Garbage Pail Kids series as a natural group of
88 cards, 44 each of the "a" and "b" variety.  Often the numerical series has
fewer than 44 cards, and the additional cards were planned from the beginning
as variations.  Usually these "planned" variations show up as different back

The 15th series had four back variations: cards 581a&b, 582a&b, 583a&b, and
584a&b.  A numerical set is 80 cards; a complete variation set is 88 cards.

For the entire series, some of the production runs did not have the sticker
cutouts (the entire card front is smooth, like a regular card instead of a
sticker).  This can be interpreted as a 176-card variation set, or as two
varieties of the same set.

  "a"                                          "b"
 Card  Title             Variation            Card  Title              Variation

  581  Shel Game         Libra - Scorpio       581  3-Card Monte       Libra - Scorpio
   +   Shel Game         Checklist              +   3-Card Monte       Checklist
  582  Take-Out Dinah    Leo                   582  Chow Mame          Leo
   +   Take-Out Dinah    Corner puzzle piece    +   Chow Mame          Corner puzzle piece
  583  Lyle Tile         Completed Puzzle      583  Harry Glyph        Completed Puzzle
   +   Lyle Tile         Center puzzle piece    +   Harry Glyph        Center puzzle piece
  584  Slimy Hymie       Completed Puzzle      584  Crawlin' Rollin    Completed Puzzle
   +   Slimy Hymie       Edge puzzle piece      +   Crawlin' Rollin    Edge puzzle piece
  585  Picky Nick                              585  Beulah Ghoul
  586  Peter Cheater                           586  Dean List
  587  Cornelia Flake                          587  Mala Nutrition
  588  Yo! Gert                                588  Ice Cream Connie
  589  Ecch Benedict                           589  Brain Les
  590  Little Leak Len                         590  Snot-Ball Saul
  591  Frank Footer                            591  Dog Bites Boyd
  592  Extra Dexter                            592  Flabby Abby
  593  Footloose Fred                          593  Lucky Lew
  594  Tied Di                                 594  Knotty Lottie
  595  Mal Practice                            595  Intensive Carrie
  596  Sani Klaus                              596  Sick Nick
  597  Harry Armpits                           597  Under Arnie
  598  Vise Guy                                598  Hugh Fix-It
  599  Bern-Out                                599  Dim-Bulb Bob
  600  Vendo-Matt                              600  Doug Slug
  601  Losin' Wade                             601  Hy Cholesterol
  602  Upside Donna                            602  Two-fer Juan
  603  Mitch Mitt                              603  Foul Bill
  604  Sandi Box                               604  Cat Litter
  605  Windy Mindy                             605  Birthday Kate
  606  Foul-Towel Raoul                        606  Muddy Buddy
  607  Kit Video                               607  Ham Actor
  608  Fairy Mary                              608  Stinker Belle
  609  Dewy Dewey                              609  Dank Frank
  610  Beau Constricted                        610  Coiled Carl
  611  Acid Wayne                              611  Polluted Paul
  612  Shoe Lacey                              612  Weird Walker
  613  Bag Piper                               613  Great Scott
  614  Fillin' Dylan                           614  Cutting Juan
  615  Preston Change-O                        615  Sleight of Hans
  616  Alec Gator                              616  Croco-Dale
  617  Claude Flesh                            617  Slasher Asher
  618  Paper Dolly                             618  Catie Cut-Up
  619  V.C. Arnie                              619  Cassette Casey
  620  Ada Bomb                                620  Blasted Betty

©1999-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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