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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 2 (17th)
Topps - 2004

Notes: Backs of each foil sticker show an "Online Bonus Code" that will unlock 
one of 30 features that can be used to "build your own Garbage pail Kids online."
The second distribution featured "Bonus Boxes" with 11 packs (ten packs plus
a bonus) and one of two exclusive cello-wrapped box-topper card.  Thanks much 
to Dirk Weber for the updates!  Further information and scans are posted at the 
GPK website. 

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 foil sticker.
Sticker sets (80): approx. 2.18 per box if collation were perfect.
Foil Sticker sets (50): approximately 0.72 per box.
Bonus Box: 11 packs of 5 stickers + 1 foil sticker.
Sticker sets (80): approximately 0.69 per box.

STICKERS (5:pack)

       "a" Stickers            Puzzle Back                          "b" Stickers         Puzzle Back

 1a    Peg Leg Greg            Yellow puzzle corner            1b   Justin Timber Leg    Red puzzle middle
 2a    Aerial Ariel            Green puzzle middle             2b   Bubbly Brianna       Yellow puzzle edge
 3a    Eaten Ethan             Green puzzle completed          3b   José Soufflé         Green puzzle corner
 4a    Umbilical Corey         Purple puzzle corner            4b   Unraveled Rafael     Green puzzle corner
 5a    Lost in Austin          Orange puzzle edge              5b   Fat Chance           Red puzzle edge
 6a    Leakin' Lee             Purple puzzle completed         6b   Joustin' Josh        Orange puzzle edge
 7a    Game Over Gary          Checklist foils, scratch        7b   Germy Jeremy         Orange puzzle completed
 8a    Sk8 Nate                Orange puzzle corner            8b   Flyin' Ryan          Purple puzzle corner
 9a    Waxed Zack              Blue puzzle corner              9b   Max Wax              Red puzzle completed
10a    Hooked Brooke           Purple puzzle corner           10b   Kate Bait            Green puzzle corner
11a    Bobble Bob              Green puzzle edge              11b   Will Wobble          Yellow puzzle middle
12a    Bungee Benjy            Red puzzle corner              12b   Xtreme Xavier        Purple puzzle corner
13a    Scuzzy Ozzy             Green puzzle completed         13b   Rockin' Rick         Purple puzzle completed
14a    Scarin' Aaron           Blue puzzle edge               14b   Corny Cody           Green puzzle corner
15a    Skid Mark               Blue puzzle completed          15b   Trackin' Travis      Orange puzzle corner
16a    Dandruff Dan            Yellow puzzle edge             16b   Jake Flake           Red puzzle corner
17a    Dish Grace              Blue puzzle edge               17b   Amped Amanda         Yellow puzzle completed
18a    Taylor Tubby            Orange puzzle corner           18b   Morgan Organ         Purple puzzle middle
19a    Spider Manny            Green puzzle edge              19b   Webby Wesley         Checklist foils, scratch
20a    Number Juan             Yellow puzzle corner           20b   Tinklin' Tyler       Checklist regular stickers
21a    Nicole Mole             Red puzzle corner              21b   Warty Courtney       Orange puzzle middle
22a    Handy Hannah            Purple puzzle edge             22b   Mary Mucous          Yellow puzzle edge
23a    Downloadin' Logan       Blue puzzle corner             23b   Digital Devin        Checklist foils, scratch
24a    Hairy Henry             Yellow puzzle completed        24b   Wolfman Jack         Orange puzzle edge
25a    Cookie-Tosser Tessa     Yellow puzzle completed        25b   Krummy Kim           Green puzzle edge
26a    Piranha Conner          Purple puzzle edge             26b   Sean Gone            Blue puzzle completed
27a    Scabby Abby             Purple puzzle edge             27b   Crusty Chris         Blue puzzle corner
28a    Armed Arnie             Blue puzzle corner             28b   Oscar La Vista       Red puzzle corner
29a    Gassy Garret            Green puzzle completed         29b   Fizzy Francisco      Orange puzzle corner
30a    Lippy Laura             Purple puzzle edge             30b   Alyssa Kisser        Blue puzzle middle
31a    Linty Lindsey           Orange puzzle completed        31b   Bailey Button        Red puzzle completed
32a    Hecklin' Hector         Orange puzzle edge             32b   Newsworthy Nick      Checklist foils, scratch
33a    Car Sick Caroline       Purple puzzle completed        33b   Icky Vicky           Yellow puzzle edge
34a    Toe Jam Sam             Checklist regular stickers     34b   Jammin' Amber        Orange puzzle completed
35a    Hayden Go Seek          Checklist regular stickers     35b   Timid Tim            Red puzzle completed
36a    Pete Achoo              Green puzzle edge              36b   Dorky Don            Yellow puzzle corner
37a    Rest Stop Russ          Blue puzzle completed          37b   Wet Brett            Checklist regular stickers
38a    Torn Tori               Blue puzzle edge               38b   Tearin' Erin         Red puzzle edge
39a    Deflated David          Red puzzle edge                39b   Squirtin' Stephen    Yellow puzzle corner
40a    Lisa Loser              Red puzzle edge                40b   Marooned Marissa     Blue puzzle edge

FOIL STICKERS (1 per pack)

        "a" Stickers           "b" Stickers

F1a     Ailin' Al              Mauled Paul
F2a     Wacky Jacky            Loony Lenny
F3a     Cranky Frankie         Bad Brad
F4a     Junky Jeff             Stinky Stan
F5a     Slobby Robbie          Fat Matt
F6a     Run Down Rhoda         Flat Pat
F7a     Hot Scott              Luke Warm
F8a     Sewer Sue              Michelle Muck
F9a     Hurt Curt              Pat Splat
F10a    Drew Blood             Bustin' Dustin
F11a    Smelly Sally           Fishy Phyllis
F12a    Snooty Sam             U.S. Arnie
F13a    Second Hand Rose       Trashed Tracy
F14a    Basket Casey           Dribblin' Derek
F15a    Yicchy Mickey          Barfin' Bart
F16a    Handy Randy            Jordan Nuts
F17a    Nat Nerd               Clark Can't
F18a    Jules Drools           Kit Spit
F19a    Barfin' Barbara        Valerie Vomit
F20a    Bratty Maddy           Dirty Birdie
F21a    Short Mort             Noah Body
F22a    Heartless Hal          Bowen Arrow
F23a    Lem Phlegm             Gezundt Heidi
F24a    Cute Tippi             Waxy Wendy
F25a    Scalped Ralph          Bone-Head Fred


Scratch 'n Stink Stickers (1:6 packs)

 S1a     Stony Tony
 S2a     Cheese Luis
 S3a     Moldy Molly
 S4a     Careless Carlos
 S5a     Topping Tom
 S6a     Gotta Go Joe

 S1b     Ol' Faith Phil
 S2b     Eruptin' Eric
 S3b     Stinkin' Stephanie
 S4b     Klutzy Kevin
 S5b     Dom E. Nose
 S6b     Ken Not Hold It

Wacky Packages Promo Stickers (1:6 packs)

1 of 3   Mr. Coffin Casket Liners
2 of 3   Sludgsicle Sludge Pops
3 of 3   Coach Motel

Box-Topper Window-Cling Poster (Hobby Boxes)

   --    All-New Series 2

Box-Topper Cards (cello wrapped in Bonus Boxes)

   B1    On Camera Cameron
   B2    Paintball Paul


--    (3-sticker panel; DC Comics, Mad magazine)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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