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2017 Jay Lynch Tribute Set GPK & Wacky Packages
   Topps Now - 2017

Notes: All profits go to Jay Lynch to help with health expenses. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Topps website.

No.   Title                  Artist

Garbage Pail Kids

  1   Jailhouse RICK         Tom Bunk
  2   Scrap BROOKE           James Warhola
  3   Toe Jam JAN            Brent Engstrom
  4   Rootin' RUBEN          Layron DeJarnette
  5   Booger KEN             Joe Simko
  6   Birdgrain WAYNE        Jeff Zapata

Wacky Packages

  7   Flunk                  David Gross
  8   Shrunken Donuts        Smokin' Joe
  9   Pupsi                  Fred Wheaton
 10   Schnozmopolitan        Junghwa Im
 11   DeLinquent Spinach     Neil Camera

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