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Garbage Pail Kids Gross Sticker Cards
Topps Europe/Merlin - 2003

Notes: Card names and images were taken from the regular Topps All-New 
Series 1 (Series 16) and All-New Series 2 (Series 17). Further information and 
scans are posted at the GPK website. 

Box: 48 packs of 4 sticker-cards + 1 silver foil sticker-card.
Sticker sets (48): approx. 4.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Foil Sticker sets (10): approximately 4.80 per box.

No.   Title                  Puzzle Back

Sticker Cards

  1   Neanderthal Nathan     green top right
  2   Linty Lindsey          green top middle
  3   Messy Jesse            green top left
  4   Ridiculous Nicholas    green center right
  5   Seth Pool              green middle
  6   Leggy Lauren           green center left
  7   Cheesy Charlie         green bottom right
  8   Kyle Tile              green bottom middle
  9   Sushi Susie            green bottom left
 10   Vic Pic                purple top right
 11   Monstrous Monica       purple top middle
 12   Pat Rat                purple top left
 13   Car Sick Caroline      purple center right
 14   Rad Brad               purple middle
 15   Gutsy Gabriel          purple center left
 16   Drew Tattoo            purple bottom right
 17   Dashboard Dennis       purple bottom middle
 18   Punchy Paul            purple bottom left
 19   Duped David            yellow top right
 20   Vendin' Brendan        yellow top middle
 21   Gross Greg             yellow top left
 22   Stuffin' Stephanie     yellow center right
 23   Fartin' Martin         yellow middle
 24   Booger Brian           yellow center left
 25   Buggin' Brandon        yellow bottom right
 26   Little Barfin' Anna    yellow bottom middle
 27   Lethal Ethan           yellow bottom left
 28   Shelled Michelle       red top right
 29   Harry Potty            red top middle
 30   Jake Flake             red top left
 31   Aerial Ariel           red center right
 32   Cheese Luis            red middle
 33   Phat Phil              red center left
 34   Bustin' Justin         red bottom right
 35   Moldy Molly            red bottom middle
 36   Skid Mark              red bottom left
 37   Topping Tom            blue top right
 38   Hairy Henry            blue top middle
 39   Sk8 Nate               blue top left
 40   Abby Birthday          blue center right
 41   Zitty Whitney          blue middle
 42   Forged George          blue center left
 43   Yecchie Becky          blue bottom right
 44   Gassy Garret           blue bottom middle
 45   Metallic Alec          blue bottom left
 46   Bill Board             checklist F1-F10
 47   Peein' Ian             checklist 1-24
 48   Andrew Spew            checklist 25-48

Silver Foil Sticker Cards

F1    Adam Bomb              green completed
F2    Thin Lynne             purple completed
F3    Bony Tony              red completed
F4    Brainy Janey           yellow completed
F5    Crater Chris           blue completed
F6    Leaky Lou              green completed
F7    Explorin' Norman       purple completed
F8    Sarah Slime            red completed
F9    Luke Puke              yellow completed
F10   Dental Flossie         blue completed

--    (Binder Offer)         (Pack Insert)

Card Album (sold separately)

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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