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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 3 (18th)
Topps - 2004

Notes: Backs of each foil sticker show an "Online Bonus Code" that will unlock 
one of 30 features that can be used to "build your own Garbage pail Kids online."
Thanks much to Dirk Weber, Al Widrowicz, and Marcia Fanchin for updates! 
Further information and scans are posted at the GPK website. 

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 foil sticker.
Sticker sets (80): approx. 2.10 per box if collation were perfect.
Foil Sticker sets (50): approximately 0.72 per box.
Retail Box: 11 packs of 5 stickers + 1 foil sticker.
Sticker sets (80): approximately 0.64 per box.
Foil Sticker sets (50): approximately 1 per 4.55 boxes.

STICKERS (5:pack)

        "a" Stickers          Puzzle Back              "b" Stickers          Puzzle Back

  1a    Christina Ugliera     The Winner!        1b    Diana Diva            The Winner!
  2a    Jet Ski Jesse         flip card 36       2b    Flayed Jay            flip card 11
  3a    Saucey Sarah          flip card 37       3b    Mary Nara             blue left
  4a    Sweaty Betty          flip card 17       4b    Clammy Sammy          flip card 33
  5a    Swampy Shaq           green UL           5b    Omar Ogre             green completed
  6a    Tom Tongue            flip card 39       6b    Coated Cody           flip card 35
  7a    Donald Dump           flip card 19       7b    Trumped Trevor        flip card 14
  8a    Urine Nate            flip card 20       8b    Backwoods Brandon     flip card 32
  9a    Bro Ken               blue bottom        9b    Jumbled Jim           blue UL
 10a    Astro Nat             blue top          10b    Yuck Roger            blue LL
 11a    Picky Ricky           green UR          11b    Stringy Steve         checklist extras
 12a    Sprinklin' Spence     blue center       12b    Hosed José            checklist extras
 13a    Jake Quake            checklist base    13b    Sergio Regurgio       blue right
 14a    Bob Gnarly            flip card 31      14b    Dread Ed              green top
 15a    Dartin' Dalton        checklist base    15b    Mike Spike            flip card 12
 16a    Cheesy Chelsea        flip card 40      16b    Flossin' Jordan       blue completed
 17a    Broken Crystal        flip card 16      17b    Summer Break          flip card 38
 18a    Lava Levi             flip card 18      18b    Retro Pedro           blue UR
 19a    Jack Hammer           flip card 15      19b    Hammered Henry        blue LR
 20a    Birdbrain Brian       flip card 13      20b    Cuckoo Chris          flip card 34
 21a    X Ray                 green right       21b    Tanner Scanner        checklist extras
 22a    Cup o' Joe            checklist base    22b    Maxwell Louse         red LR
 23a    Snotty Scotty         flip card 2       23b    Bubble Juan           green bottom
 24a    Shredded Paige        red center        24b    Heather Shredder      flip card 22
 25a    Wranglin' Rachel      flip card 9       25b    Calamity Jane         flip card 27
 26a    Taggin' Tyler         red bottom        26b    Popped Paul           red UL
 27a    Bigfoot Brittany      green LR          27b    Alicia Creature       red complete
 28a    Laura Cough           flip card 1       28b    Hackin' Hannah        red right
 29a    Divin' Devin          flip card 21      29b    Nosedive Noah         flip card 24
 30a    Chopper Chad          flip card 29      30b    Hurlin' Harley        flip card 28
 31a    Poopedeck Pete        flip card 10      31b    Marco Polo            flip card 5
 32a    Picked Nikki          green LL          32b    Antsy Nancy           flip card 6
 33a    Troy Story            flip card 30      33b    Trojan Warren         green center
 34a    Vegan Ian             green left        34b    Cesar Salad           flip card 4
 35a    Malcolm Middle        checklist base    35b    Messed Up Miguel      red UR
 36a    Offensive Oscar       flip card 3       36b    Foul Fernando         red left
 37a    Field Goal Joel       flip card 23      37b    Nicked Mick           flip card 25
 38a    Jerry Rigged          red top           38b    Raul Model            red LL
 39a    Davey Croquet         flip card 8       39b    Wacked Zack           flip card 26
 40a    Janet Jackass         checklist extras  40b    Has-Been Jasmine      flip card 7

FOIL STICKERS (1 per pack)

        "a" Stickers                  "b" Stickers

 1a     Ball 'n Shane           1b    Hard Rocky
 2a     Half Price              2b    Checked-Out Chet
 3a     Phooey to Hugh          3b    Razzin' Ross
 4a     Upsy Daisys             4b    Barfy Barbies
 5a     Seasick Cecil           5b    Dinner at Eytan
 6a     Missing Marcia          6b    Hidden Heidi
 7a     Quick Sandy             7b    Abraham Sinkin'
 8a     Freestyle Kyle          8b    Rad Rod
 9a     Louise Trapeze          9b    3-Ring Cyril
 10a    Heavy Meryl             10b   One-Night Stan
 11a    Sole Food Sol           11b   Gooey Stuey
 12a    Barf Band Ben           12b   Off Key Lee
 13a    Target Prentice         13b   Blow Hardy
 14a    Misfortune Cookie       14b   Chow Maynard
 15a    Gulpin' Gabe            15b   Over Eatin' Ethan
 16a    Robby Rubbish           16b   Garbage Pail Kitty
 17a    Car-Stick Karla         17b   Cruisin' Susan
 18a    Lickin' Leo             18b   Lappin' Lenny
 19a    Tim Can                 19b   Rusty Bolts
 20a    Seymour Barf            20b   Kent Stand It
 21a    Dead Letter Debbie      21b   Maimed Mamie
 22a    Mitch Match             22b   Hot Dot
 23a    Gloppy Glen             23b   Slop Top Todd
 24a    Cat-Cradle Cathy        24b   Gooey Gwen
 25a    Ill Windsor             25b   Horatio Hornblower


Scratch 'n Stink Stickers (1:6 packs)

        "a" Stickers                  "b" Stickers

 S1a    Trashy Ashley          S1b    Garbage Pail Kim
 S2a    Howard Burned          S2b    Shock Jacques
 S3a    Stinkin' Sydney        S3b    Danielle Smell
 S4a    Al Goredita            S4b    Wally Tamale
 S5a    Brad Pit               S5b    Dakota Odor
 S6a    Gaseous Clay           S6b    Hot Aaron
 S7a    Eyeball Ivan           S7b    Eye-Candy Andy
 S8a    Despicable Destiny     S8b    Nasty Natalie
 S9a    Anna Innards           S9b    Emptied Emily
S10a    Rancid Randy           S10b   Dissin' Terry
S11a    Bryce-Sickle           S11b   Icy Isaac
S12a    Ashy Ashton            S12b   Combustin' Dustin

Pop-Up Cards (1:6 packs)

 1 of 10   Lethal Ethan
 2 of 10   Gutsy Gabriel
 3 of 10   Colin 911
 4 of 10   Phat Phil
 5 of 10   Harry Potty
 6 of 10   Aerial Ariel
 7 of 10   Lost in Austin
 8 of 10   Sk8 Nate
 9 of 10   Waxed Zack
10 of 10   Downloadin' Logan

Box-Topper Window-Cling Poster (Hobby Boxes)

   --    On Sale Here!

Box-Topper Bonus Cards (Retail Boxes)

   B3    Gator Adrian
   B4    Hill Billy
   B5    Cole Gate

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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