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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 4 (19th)
   Topps - 2004

Notes: Game cards include 33 "commons" and 3 "rares". The bonus-code cards can be used online 
to "build your own GPK" and become eligible for other offers. Thanks to Deena Acton for the 
update! Further information and scans are posted at the GPK website. 

Hobby or Retail Box: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 game card + 1 game rules/bonus code card.
Sticker sets (80): approx. 2.06 per box if collation were perfect.
Common game-card sets (33): approximately 1.08 per box.
Retail Bonus Box: 11 packs of 5 stickers + 1 game card + 1 rules/code card.

STICKERS (5:pack)

           "a" Stickers           Puzzle/Character Back             "b" Stickers       Puzzle/Character Back

     1a    Green Cheese Chase     Green Center Right          1b    Phil Moon           Green Bottom Middle
     2a    Paris Embarrassed      Orange Top Middle           2b    Maris Wiltin'       Orange Puzzle Completed
     3a    Worked-Up Warren       Drew Tattoo                 3b    Chin-Up Chandler    Red Bottom Right
     4a    Jimmy Dean             Red Bottom Middle           4b    Sausage Sam         Red Top Left
     5a    Allie Oops             Linty Lindsey               5b    Swingin' Sierra     Green Puzzle Completed
     6a    Paul Vault             Green Bottom Left           6b    Impaled Dale        Blue Puzzle Completed
     7a    Nin Jack               Green Top Left              7b    Marshall Artless    Orange Top Right
     8a    Anna Cornea            Green Bottom Right          8b    Monica Ails         Green Top Middle
     9a    Clay Achin'            Orange Puzzle Completed     9b    Idol Ivan           Red Center Right
    10a    Colin Bowel            Solve This Rebus           10b    Scoutin' Scott      Fartin' Martin
    11a    Grunge Bob             Cookie-Tosser Tessa        11b    Spongey Spencer     Green Center
    12a    Brainwashed Brett      Solve This Puzzle          12b    Ed N. Shoulders     Red Top Right
    13a    Fallen Angel           Purple Puzzle Completed    13b    Airsick Ariel       Orange Top Left
    14a    Headless Leslie        Green Center Right         14b    Madison Halved      Gassy Garret
    15a    Jumpin' Jen            Red Puzzle Completed       15b    Megan Trouble       Red Center Left
    16a    Cole Slawed            Red Center                 16b    Sal Salad           Bro Ken
    17a    Walter Cooler          Red Top Middle             17b    Wizzin' Will        Red Bottom Left
    18a    Harry Who Didn't       Orange Center              18b    Noel Escape         Base Checklist
    19a    Tom Turkey             Topping Tom                19b    Thanks Gavin        Orange Center Left
    20a    Vomitin' Victor        Green Center Left          20b    Ralphin' Ryan       Orange Center Right
    21a    Blown Away Ray         Aerial Ariel               21b    Breezy Brady        Purple Center
    22a    Snakey Jake            Seth Pool                  22b    Charming Charlie    Snotty Scotty
    23a    Blastin' Sebastian     Purple Bottom Right        23b    Explosive Xavier    Purple Top Middle
    24a    Cleaved Steve          Blue Center Right          24b    Tandem Randy        Bonus Checklist
    25a    Totem Tim              Base Checklist             25b    High Man Dan        Blue Puzzle Completed
    26a    Wishful Wes            Blue Bottom Right          26b    Al Addin' Fumes     Blue Top Middle
    27a    Wolver-Ian             Purple Top Right           27b    Pokin' Logan        Purple Bottom Middle
    28a    Fuelin' Julian         Orange Bottom Middle       28b    Gassin' Grant       Red Puzzle Completed
    29a    Scuba Doo Lou          Purple Center Left         29b    Harpoonin' Hunter   Orange Bottom Right
    30a    Turd King Travis       Blue Bottom Left           30b    Poo-A-Mid Parker    Poopdeck Pete
    31a    Snotty Sarah           Blue Top Left              31b    Jessica Simpleton   Scarin' Aaron
    32a    Mulched Mitch          Purple Top Left            32b    Cut Up Chris        Shelled Michelle
    33a    Hollow Wayne           Purple Center Right        33b    Jacqueline Lantern  Bonus Checklist
    34a    Zitty Zak              Birdbrain Brian            34b    Acne Andy           Green Puzzle Completed
    35a    Floodgate Nate         Purple Puzzle Completed    35b    Levee Levi          Base Checklist
    36a    Noah's Barf            Lost in Austin             36b    High-Water Mark     Blue Center
    37a    Log Roland             Purple Bottom Left         37b    Roger Logger        Rodent Rob
    38a    Recycled Michael       Blue Top Right             38b    Overflowin' Owen    Blue Bottom Middle
    39a    Nasty Ashley           Umbilical Corey            39b    Mary-Kate Ate       Orange Bottom Left
    40a    Adam Bomb              Blue Center Left           40b    Blasted Billy       Cheese Luis

GAME CARDS (1:pack; Foil "rares" are 1:72 packs)

  GPK1     Barfin' Marvin         5 Nasty
  GPK2     Bad Breath Seth        4 Stinky
  GPK3     Basket Casey           2 Weird
  GPK4     BMX Ben                9 Stinky
  GPK5     Blow Hardy             3 Nasty
  GPK6     Beasty Boyd            1 Weird
  GPK7     Drippy Debbie          2 Nasty
  GPK8     Dead Ted               3 Stinky
  GPK9     Bony Joanie            6 Weird
  GPK10    Fartin' Martin         Foil 10 Stinky
  GPK11    Bratty Maddy           3 Weird
  GPK12    Off Key Lee            2 Nasty
  GPK13    Shel Game              1 Weird
  GPK14    Richie Retch           Foil
  GPK15    Explorin' Norman       2 Weird
  GPK16    Horatio Hornblower     7 Stinky
  GPK17    Leaky Lou              7 Weird
  GPK18    Johnny One Note        2 Stinky
  GPK19    Seymour Barf           8 Nasty
  GPK20    Lost in Austin         8 Weird
  GPK21    Snot-Ball Saul         7 Nasty
  GPK22    Lethal Ethan           2 Stinky
  GPK23    Snotwich Sandra        6 Nasty
  GPK24    Over Flo               8 Stinky
  GPK25    Up Chuck               4 Nasty
  GPK26    Rear View Myra         4 Weird
  GPK27    Potty Scotty           1 Stinky
  GPK28    Valerie Vomit          9 Nasty
  GPK29    Sewer Sue              6 Stinky
  GPK30    Sk8 Nate               5 Stinky
  GPK31    Adam Bomb              Foil
  GPK32    Yicchy Mickey          1 Nasty
  GPK33    Ronny Nose             5 Weird
  GPK34    Stinker Belle          1 Stinky
  GPK35    Juicy Jules            1 Nasty
  GPK36    Varicose Wayne         9 Weird
     --    Game Rules/Online Bonus Code (1:pack)


Scratch 'n Stink Stickers (1:6 packs)

    s1a    Frank N. Wiener                                   s1b    Oscar Mire
    s2a    Mount St. Helen                                   s2b    Volcanic Vanessa
    s3a    Intest-Tina                                       s3b    Oblivious Olivia
    s4a    Forrest Sump                                      s4b    Wastin' Jason
    s5a    Stink Blot Stephanie                              s5b    Rorschach Tessa
    s6a    Vinnie Vomit                                      s6b    Barf Bag Brad

Artist Sketch Cards (1:Hobby box)

     A1    John Pound
     A2    Tom Bunk
     A3    Jay Lynch
     A4    Strephon Taylor
     A5    John Czop
     A6    Justin Green
     A7    Don Perlin

Tattoos (1:4 packs)

 1 of 10   (Snakey Jake)
 2 of 10   (Harry Who Didn't)
 3 of 10   (Turd King Travis)
 4 of 10   (Nin Jack)
 5 of 10   (Paul Vault)
 6 of 10   (Jumpin' Jen)
 7 of 10   (Wishful Wes)
 8 of 10   (Fallen Angel)
 9 of 10   (Scuba Doo Lou)
10 of 10   (Worked-Up Warren)

Box-Topper Bonus Cards (Special Retail boxes)

     B6    Doug Sledding
     B7    Propelled Miguel
     B8    Swarmed Norm
     B9    Dancin' Dominic


     --    Batty BRAD [All-New Series 4 in Stores / Look for All-New Series 5]
     --    (dealer sell sheet)

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