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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 5 (20th)
   Topps - 2006

Notes: Hobby box composition appears to be the same as the retail boxes, except for the 
"bonus" display poster. Thanks to Deena Acton for the update! Further information and 
scans are posted at the GPK website. 

Hobby or Retail Box: 36 packs of 6 stickers.
Sticker sets (80): approx. 2.40 per box if collation were perfect.
Blister-Pack Box: 20 blisters of 4 packs + 1 bonus card.
Sticker sets (80): approximately 5.35 per box.
Retail Bonus Box: 11 packs of 6 stickers.

STICKERS (6:pack)

          "a" Stickers            Puzzle/Character Back           "b" Stickers           Puzzle/Character Back

    1a    Meteor Mark             Blue Top Right            1b    Asteroid Anthony       Blue Bottom Middle
    2a    Sam Bidexterous         Yellow Top Middle         2b    Multi-Taskin' Ashton   Yellow Puzzle Completed
    3a    Internal Morgan         Puzzle Puke: Allie        3b    Demonic Danielle       Green Bottom Right
    4a    Matt Mobile             Green Bottom Middle       4b    Batty Brad             Green Top Left
    5a    Marty Mucous            Grunge Bob                5b    Runny Ryan             Blue Puzzle Completed
    6a    Matrix Miguel           Blue Bottom Left          6b    Skinned Jim            Orange Puzzle Completed
    7a    Ann Urism               Blue Top Left             7b    Esther Basket          Yellow Top Right
    8a    Norman Notwell          Blue Bottom Right         8b    Vincent Van Gross      Blue Top Middle
    9a    Furious George          Yellow Puzzle Compl       9b    King Kyle              Green Center Right
   10a    Headless Heather        Turd King Travis         10b    Head Alexis            Puzzle Puke: Steve
   11a    Slam-Dunk Dylan         Puzzle Puke: Nate        11b    Jumpshot Josh          Blue Center
   12a    Heavin' Hunter          G.P.K. Series One C      12b    Rabbit Chase           Green Top Right
   13a    Inmate Nate             Red Puzzle Complete      13b    Last-Leg Luke          Yellow Top Left
   14a    Regurgita-Ted           Blue Center Right        14b    Zack Snack             Wishful Wes
   15a    Armless Aaron           Green Puzzle Comple      15b    Unarmed Adrian         Green Center Left
   16a    Al Poe                  Green Center             16b    Gnawed Claude          Vomiting Victor
   17a    Red-Eye Rob             Green Top Middle         17b    Pink-Eye Guy           Green Bottom Left
   18a    Corey Cola              Yellow Center            18b    Coca-Cole              Checklist (base)
   19a    Samantha Swirl          Zitty Zack               19b    Decorating Deb         Yellow Center Left
   20a    Paul Package            Blue Center Left         20b    Tongue-Tied Toby       Yellow Center Right
   21a    Eric the Wreck          Harry Who Didn't         21b    Moto Carl              Red Center
   22a    Courtin' Cody           Puzzle Puke: Leslie      22b    Al Entine              Number Juan
   23a    Claire Snare            Red Bottom Right         23b    Lunchtime Lindsey      Red Top Middle
   24a    Stormcloud Shawn        Orange Center Right      24b    Boltin' Colton         Checklist (chase)
   25a    Nick Pick               Checklist (base)         25b    Picky Dicky            Orange Puzzle Completed
   26a    Milkin' Milt            Orange Bottom Right      26b    Dairy Barry            Orange Top Middle
   27a    Hay Bailey              Red Top Right            27b    Petey Wheatey          Red Bottom Middle
   28a    Karate Kyle             Yellow Bottom Middl      28b    Ty Kwon Don't          Green Puzzle Completed
   29a    Yo-Yo Joe               Red Center Left          29b    Tricky Nick            Yellow Bottom Right
   30a    Yoga Olga               Orange Bottom Left       30b    Mel Smell              Scuba Doo Lou
   31a    Turtable Tim            Orange Top Left          31b    Dee-Jay Jason          Puzzle Puke: Colin
   32a    Gamblin' Gabe           Red Top Left             32b    Luis Vegas             Puzzle Puke: Tom
   33a    Tether Bill             Red Center Right         33b    Sporty Spencer         Checklist (chase)
   34a    Eye-Candy Mandy         Puzzle Puke: Noah        34b    Molly Pop              Blue Puzzle Completed
   35a    Quick-Pick Rick         Red Puzzle Complete      35b    Mega-Million Mike      Checklist (base)
   36a    Christina Barfarina     Skuzzy Ozzie             36b    Spewin' Shannon        Orange Center
   37a    Farrah Faucet           Red Bottom Left          37b    Leakin' Lacey          Puzzle Puke: Wayne
   38a    Railroaded Richard      Orange Top Right         38b    Choo-Choo Charlie      Orange Bottom Middle
   39a    Doomed Dwayne           Wolver-Ian               39b    Toasted Todd           Yellow Bottom Left
   40a    Chopper-Chopped Chris   Orange Center Left       40b    Sliced Sammy           Skid Mark


Alphabet Stickers (1:2 packs)

 1 of 15    A K
 2 of 15    B X
 3 of 15    E O
 4 of 15    N V
 5 of 15    F O
 6 of 15    Y U
 7 of 15    S A
 8 of 15    M E
 9 of 15    C D
10 of 15    R H
11 of 15    G J
12 of 15    Q I
13 of 15    I P
14 of 15    Z T
15 of 15    L W

Magnets (1:6 packs)

 1 of 9   Varicose Wayne
 2 of 9   Mason Mace
 3 of 9   Magic Wanda
 4 of 9   Over Eatin' Ethan
 5 of 9   Seymour Barf
 6 of 9   Rocco Socko
 7 of 9   Slimy Hymie
 8 of 9   Little Leak Len
 9 of 9   William Won't Tell

Bonus Stickers (Bonus Boxes)

  B10     Bruce Brush          (SKU: 1-939-30-03-6)
  B11     Opera Ursula         (SKU: 1-939-30-01-6)

Bonus Stickers (Blister Packs)

  B12     Patrick Piñata
  B13     Blake Quake
  B14     Pete Heat

Box-Topper Poster (Hobby boxes)

  --      (10-1/2" x 17-1/4", folded)


     --    Batty BRAD [All-New Series 4 in Stores / Look for All-New Series 5]
     --    (dealer sell sheet)

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