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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 6 (21st)
Topps - 2007

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the GPK website. 

Hobby or Retail Box: 36 packs of 5 stickers + 1 stick sugar-free gum.
Sticker sets (80): approx. 2.14 per box if collation were perfect.
Blister-Pack Box: 20 blisters of 2 packs + 1 bonus card.
Retail Bonus Box: 11 packs of 6 stickers, 1 bonus card per box.

STICKERS (5:pack)

           "a" Stickers              Puzzle Back                     "b" Stickers              Puzzle Back

       1a  Orange JULIUS             Blue Bottom Left            1b  Peeled NEAL               Blue Top Middle
       2a  Showerin' HOWARD          Yellow Bottom Middle        2b  Rinsin' VINCENT           Mix & Match 3C
       3a  Me Too LOU                Checklist (base)            3b  Mirror MAX                Green Top Left
       4a  Jess MARRIED              Green Top Middle            4b  Married MIA               Green Bottom Right
       5a  Canned CARL               Mix & Match 1C              5b  Dogged DOUG               Blue Puzzle Completed
       6a  CARTER Farter             Blue Top Right              6b  CURTIS Blow               Mix & Match 3A
       7a  Hangin' HAYDEN            Blue Bottom Right           7b  Hung HUNTER               Yellow Bottom Left
       8a  ROD n' Reel               Blue Top Left               8b  Fisher MANNY              Blue Bottom Middle
       9a  CAROL-Sel                 Green Puzzle Completed      9b  MARY Go Round             Green Center Left
      10a  Nested ERNESTO            Mix & Match 6B             10b  Elliot NEST               Mix & Match 4A
      11a  Snakes in DWAYNE          Mix & Match 1A             11b  Tapeworm TANNER           Blue Center
      12a  Blown Away RAY            Yellow Puzzle Completed    12b  Over Blown RAMON          Green Bottom Left
      13a  TARA Too                  Mix & Match 3B             13b  Naughty NATALIE           Yellow Bottom Right
      14a  Deli CONNOR               Blue Center Left           14b  COLE Cut                  Mix & Match 1B
      15a  Axe in JACKSON            Mix & Match 4B             15b  Stumped STEVE             Green Center Right
      16a  Hacked HOGAN              Green Center               16b  RUSSEL Mania              Mix & Match 4C
      17a  SCOTT Pocket              Green Bottom Middle        17b  CAL Zoned                 Green Top Right
      18a  Enter Net NATE            Yellow Center              18b  Sliced BRYCE              Mix & Match 6B
      19a  Poop Head PAUL            Mix & Match 6A             19b  Turd Face TRACE           Yellow Center Right
      20a  BRADY Back Ribs           Blue Center Right          20b  Spare ROB                 Yellow Center Left
      21a  Stuffy STEPHANIE          Red Puzzle Completed       21b  Congested JESSICA         Orange Center
      22a  Tailored TYLER            Mix & Match 5B             22b  MITCH Stitched            Mix & Match 2C
      23a  Poker Face CHASE          Orange Top Left            23b  Card Shark MARK           Orange Bottom Middle
      24a  Bunk BEN                  Red Center Left            24b  TOM Bunk                  Checklist (chase)
      25a  Socked BROCK              Orange Puzzle Completed    25b  Reefer-REED               Red Puzzle Completed
      26a  MIKE Strike               Red Top Left               26b  Bowling for DALLAS        Red Bottom Middle
      27a  Lemon NED                 Orange Bottom Left         27b  Puckered PARKER           Orange Top Middle
      28a  SAM Castle                Yellow Top Middle          28b  Crushed KAYLA             Green Puzzle Completed
      29a  Rasta Roni TONY           Orange Center Right        29b  Spaghetti EDDY            Yellow Top Left
      30a  Clawed CLAUDE             Red Top Right              30b  ROY Toy                   Checklist (chase)
      31a  Booger KEN                Red Bottom Right           31b  Whopper WYATT             Checklist (base)
      32a  THOMAS the Train Wreck    Orange Bottom Right        32b  Off the Rails GAIL        Mix & Match 2A
      33a  Stabbed SABRINA           Orange Center Left         33b  Targeted TAYLOR           Orange Puzzle Completed
      34a  BOBBY Q                   Yellow Puzzle Completed    34b  Barbecue STU              Blue Puzzle Completed
      35a  Webbed WHITNEY            Mix & Match 2B             35b  Digestin' JASMINE         Mix & Match 5C
      36a  Tusky TIFFANY             Checklist (base)           36b  Buck Toothed BRENDA       Red Center
      37a  CAT Sup                   Orange Top Right           37b  Bottled BAILEY            Mix & Match 5A
      38a  I-Clod TODD               Red Bottom Left            38b  MP TREY                   Red Top Middle
      39a  Shot SCOTT                Checklist (chase)          39b  Fired FRED                Yellow Top Right
      40a  LEONARD Nimrod            Red Center Right           40b  Trekkie TREVOR            Checklist (base)


Hobby Box-Topper Poster (10-1/2" x 17")

     --    Laugh So Hard Your Head Will Explode!

Action Punch-Outs (1:3 packs)

 1 of 12   Metallic Alec Pencil Pal
 2 of 12   Change the Baby's Diaper
 3 of 12   Marty Mucous' Botched Nose Job
 4 of 12   Spit-Kickers
 5 of 12   Sleaze Up Your Soft Drink
 6 of 12   Tastefully Moon Your Friends
 7 of 12   Photo Matt's Enchanted Photograph
 8 of 12   Over Eatin' Ethan's Dinner Plan
 9 of 12   Reanimate Internal Morgan
10 of 12   Show-and-Tell Vomit
11 of 12   Practice Your Ventriloquism
12 of 12   Pop-Out Puzzle

Magnets (1:6 packs)

 1 of 9    Twinny VINNIE
 2 of 9    ANN Chovie
 3 of 9    Cracked SHELDON
 4 of 9    Upset TOMMY
 5 of 9    Barfin' MARVIN
 6 of 9    Fun GUS
 7 of 9    Mothy MARTHA
 8 of 9    Dim-Bulb BOB
 9 of 9    Hungry IVAN

Blister Box Bonus Stickers

    B15    Barfs of HOLLY
    B16    Watery Eyes WALTER
    B17    Levitating LEVI

Bonus Box Stickers

    B18    SETH-Shimi
    B19    Scrapped BROOKE

Uncut Sheets (sold separately via Topps Vault)

     --    (base cards, set of 80; 26" x 30")
     --    (bonus cards, 16 sets B15-B16-B17, 22-B18, 8-B19; 26" x 30")
     --    (action punch-outs, 8 sets of 12; 40" x 28")
     --    (magnets, 9 sets of 9; 38" x 24")


     P2    Alien ALAN (San Diego Comic Con)
     --    (dealer sell sheet)

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©2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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