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Garbage Pail Kids - All-New Series 7 (22nd)
   Topps - 2008

Notes: Thanks much to Matt Dunn for the update! 

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 10 stickers.
Sticker sets (110): approx. 2.03 per box if collation were perfect..

STICKERS (5:pack)

          "a" Stickers            Puzzle Back                                "b" Stickers        Puzzle Back

     1a   TY Dee Knot             Wanted: Leonard NIMROD                1b   Ty DEE Knot         Green Puzzle top middle
     2a   LINDSAY Lo-Life         Red Puzzle bottom middle              2b   Snotty SARA         Wanted: Varicose WAYNE
     3a   Offence SPENCE          Blue Puzzle center right              3b   Rebound ROY         Yellow Puzzle center
     4a   Knifin' IVAN            Passport                              4b   Gin SUE             Wanted: Booger KEN
     5a   Space CHASE             Pink Puzzle top left                  5b   Cosmic RAY          Light Blue Puzzle top left
     6a   MORGAN Donor            Wanted: Poop Head PAUL                6b   DI Sect             Purple Puzzle top left
     7a   DREW Drool              Red Puzzle completed                  7b   Flood TED           Light Blue Puzzle center left
     8a   Big Top TONY            Yellow Puzzle top right               8b   Ol' Faith PHIL      Blue Puzzle center
     9a   Deodor BRENT            Yellow Puzzle bottom right            9b   Roll On ROB         Fitness Center
    10a   Spartan MARTIN          Green Puzzle center right            10b   Warrior WARREN      Wanted: Eerie ERIC
    11a   Stormy HEATHER          C.I.A.                               11b   GAIL Force Wind     Purple Puzzle center right
    12a   VINNY Son               Checklist: Base Cards                12b   Deer HUNTER         AAEP
    13a   Pee-On LEON             Yellow Puzzle bottom left            13b   Ski CLIFF           Orange Puzzle top right
    14a   Coral CARSON            Light Blue Puzzle bottom middle      14b   CORA Reef           Hall Monitor
    15a   Prime NATE              Green Puzzle center left             15b   Sim IAN             Pink Puzzle center
    16a   Ceiling FRAM            Blue Puzzle completed                16b   Head LES            Light Blue Puzzle top right
    17a   O.J. JOSÉ               Wanted: Rasta Rony TONY              17b   Juiced JAYDEN       Orange Puzzle center right
    18a   COOPER Pooper           Green Puzzle bottom right            18b   Dung Beetle BAILY   Pink Puzzle bottom middle
    19a   Ice COLE                Skull & Cones                        19b   Stuck BUCK          Red Puzzle bottom left
    20a   PETER Puker             Orange Puzzle center                 20b   Web Head NED        Wanted: Orange JULIUS
    21a   BRYCE Iced              Blue Puzzle top right                21b   Scraped JAKE        Purple Puzzle bottom right
    22a   DAVID Choppin' Squeal   Blue Puzzle bottom right             22b   TODD Da!            Light Blue Puzzle center right
    23a   Gator ABE               Red Puzzle top middle                23b   We WINNIE           Wanted: LUCAS Mucus
    24a   Killer WALLY            Pink Puzzle bottom right             24b   Chum CHARLIE        Pink Puzzle completed
    25a   BRITNEY Shears          Pink Puzzle center right             25b   CLAIRE Cut          Student Identification
    26a   Waft WYATT              Yellow Puzzle center right           26b   Windy WENDEL        Blue Puzzle top middle
    27a   Dog TROY                Pink Puzzle bottom left              27b   MICHAEL Victim      Red Puzzle top left
    28a   Glass Blow JOE          Green Puzzle top right               28b   Gas-Blowin' OWEN    Pink Puzzle top middle
    29a   Eye Scream LEE          Yellow Puzzle top left               29b   Scooped SHANNON     Orange Puzzle bottom right
    30a   Foamy PHIL              Green Puzzle completed               30b   Shave DAVE          Red Puzzle center left
    31a   Lyin' RYAN              Checklist: Base Cards                31b   Tall Tale TIM       Library
    32a   Abandoned ANDY          Pink Puzzle center left              32b   Cast Away JAY       Purple Puzzle completed
    33a   Wash JOSH               Orange Puzzle bottom middle          33b   HANS Soap           Checklist: Chase Cards
    34a   WILLIE of Fortune       Checklist: Chase Cards               34b   NICHOLAS Caged      Purple Puzzle bottom left
    35a   Ghost TORY              Blue Puzzle center left              35b   Spectre HECTOR      Green Puzzle bottom middle
    36a   Car JACK                Cow Butt Inspector                   36b   Scrap HEATH         License to Drive
    37a   Extra CHRISTIE          Light Blue Puzzle top middle         37b   Chick KEN           Orange Puzzle center left
    38a   Drum KIT                Pink Puzzle top right                38b   Tom TOM             Green Puzzle center
    39a   Sub MAUREEN             Backstage Pass                       39b   Diver DON           Purple Puzzle center left
    40a   Hollow HAL              Checklist: Base Cards                40b   Goal NOEL           Yellow Puzzle completed
    41a   Scuplpted SCOTT         Orange Puzzle top middle             41b   Molded MIGUEL       Yellow Puzzle bottom middle
    42a   Braided BROOK           Wanted: Tusky TIFFANY                42b   TYRA Eyes           Red Puzzle top right
    43a   Walked-On WALKER        Wanted: Iron-Jaw AARON               43b   DENNIS Shoe         Purple Puzzle top right
    44a   Breakin' BRANDON        Green Puzzle bottom left             44b   BUSTER Move         Light Blue Puzzle bottom left
    45a   MANUEL Labor            Red Puzzle center                    45b   LANDON Scaping      Orange Puzzle bottom left
    46a   Flamin' DAMON           Blue Puzzle bottom left              46b   Dryin' BRYAN        Red Puzzle center right
    47a   On the MARK             Light Blue Puzzle completed          47b   Snot Rocket RICKY   Red Puzzle bottom right
    48a   DEL Icious              Purple Puzzle center                 48b   Licked VIC          Orange Puzzle completed
    49a   TYLER Tilt              Green Puzzle top left                49b   Pinball WILLARD     Orange Puzzle top left
    50a   DESIREE Disarray        Blue Puzzle top left                 50b   Yard SALLY          Yellow Puzzle top middle
    51a   BILLY Bling             Light Blue Puzzle center             51b   GIL Grill           Wanted: Peg Leg GREG
    52a   Winter JILL             Purple Puzzle bottom middle          52b   Kindle LYNNE        Checklist: Chase Cards
    53a   TRISH Washer            Wanted: Lemon NED                    53b   REESE Cycle         Blue Puzzle bottom middle
    54a   MOLLY Pop               Yellow Puzzle center left            54b   SOPHIE Sucker       Anti-Social Security
    55a   Dough BOYD              Purple Puzzle top middle             55b   Pills BARRY         Light Blue Puzzle bottom right


Hobby Box-Topper Poster (10-1/2" x 17")

     --    All-New Series 7 Mega Packs

Activity Cards (1:4 packs)

 1 of 10  Hacked HOGAN's Let 'Er Rip
 2 of 10  A Real Rib Tickler
 3 of 10  Poop Head PAUL's Poop-a-Boo
 4 of 10  Poly Baloney!
 5 of 10  Low Budget Ventriloquist Dummy
 6 of 10  Shot SCOTT
 7 of 10  Helicopter Race
 8 of 10  Booker KEN
 9 of 10  Snake in DWAYNE's Optical Illusion
10 of 10  Radioactive Rainbow

Pop-Ups (1:6 packs)

 1 of 10  Crazy CASEY
 2 of 10  Boardin' JORDAN
 3 of 10  Umbilical COREY
 4 of 10  Tom TONGUE
 5 of 10  Astro NAT
 6 of 10  Broken CRYSTAL
 7 of 10  Birdbrain BRIAN
 8 of 10  Wranglin' RACHEL
 9 of 10  Bigfoot BRITTANY
10 of 10  MALCOLM Middle

Jig-Saw Puzzle Cards (1:6 packs)

 1 of 10  Spider MANNY
 2 of 10  Cookie-Tosser TESSA
 3 of 10  Car Sick CAROLINE
 4 of 10  Toe Jam SAM
 5 of 10  Jet Ski JESSE
 6 of 10  Lava LEVI
 7 of 10  TROY Story
 8 of 10  Field Goal JOEL
 9 of 10  Hollow WAYNE
10 of 10  NOAH's Barf

Loco Motion Cards (1:8 packs)

 1 of 5   Sliced BRAD
 2 of 5   Split CORD
 3 of 5   ROCCO Socko
 4 of 5   Burnt-Out BRETT
 5 of 5   Ecch BENEDICT

Bonus Box Cards

   B1     Leaky LESLIE
   B2     CARL Wreck
   B6     GEORGE Clowny

Blister Box Bonus Cards

   B3     Loch Mess REX
   B4     Snack Attack ZACK
   B5     Tongue-Tied TARA

Embroidered Patch (sold separately; San Diego Comic Con)

   --     Garbage Pail Kids Collector


     P1    Dough BOYD (San Diego Comic Con)
     --    Double the Fun! (dealer half-sheet)
     --    A Match Made in Heaven! (dealer sell sheet)
     --    All-New Series 7 (dealer brochure)

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