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Garbage Pail Kids - Flashback (23rd)
Topps - 2010

Notes: Further information and scans are shown at Barren Aaron's GPK World (thanks, Aaron!). 

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 8 stickers.
Sticker sets (160): approx. 1.00 per box if collation were perfect..

STICKERS (8:pack)

      "a" sticker                           "b" sticker                     Sticker Back

       1a    Nasty NICK                      1b    Evil EDDIE               Checklist 1a-80a
       2a    Dead TED                        2b    JAY Decay                Bazooka Jerk
       3a    ADAM Bomb                       3b    Blasted BILLY            License to Chew
       4a    Tee-Vee STEVIE                  4b    Geeky GARY               Bony JOANIE
       5a    Potty SCOTTY                    5b    JASON Basin              Cemetery Lease
       6a    Corroded CARL                   6b    Crater CHRIS             Garbage Pail Kids Rule!
       7a    Bony JOANIE                     7b    Thin LYNN                Exterior Design Award
       8a    New Wave DAVE                   8b    Graffiti PETEY           Garbage Pails - Foul Bill
       9a    SY Clops                        9b    One-Eyed JACK            Least Valuable Player Award
      10a    Rappin' RON                    10b    RAY Gun                  Have a Nice Day
      11a    Double HEATHER                 11b    FRAN FRAN                House O' Garbage Gift Certificate
      12a    RUSSELL Muscle                 12b    BRETT Sweat              Hooked on Garbage Pail Kids
      13a    Spacey STACY                   13b    JANET Planet             Fishing for Trouble Award
      14a    Shrunken ED                    14b    Cheeky CHARLES           Why Fight It?
      15a    Ghastly ASHLEY                 15b    Acne AMY                 Garbage Pail Army Draft Notice!!
      16a    Split KIT                      16b    Mixed-Up MITCH           Take a Garbage Pail Kid to Lunch!
      17a    JOE Blow                       17b    ROD Wad                  Most Unlikely to Succeed Award
      18a    Hot Head HARVEY                18b    ROY Bot                  Visit Garbage Pail National Park
      19a    DINAH Saur                     19b    FARRAH Fossil            Garbage Pail Circus!
      20a    BLAKE Flake                    20b    Hippie SKIPPY            Circus Contract
      21a    ALI Gator                      21b    Marshy MARSHALL          How to Be a Garbage Pail Kid
      22a    Silent SANDY                   22b    Barren AARON             Living Death Certificate
      23a    Starin' DARREN                 23b    Peepin' TOM              It Takes Guts to Be a Garbage Pail Kid
      24a    Half-NELSON                    24b    Glandular ANGELA         (Completed Blue Border Puzzle)
      25a    Armpit  BRITT                  25b    Shaggy AGGIE             (Completed Orange Border Puzzle)
      26a    Sloshed JOSH                   26b    Low CAL                  (Completed Green Border Puzzle)
      27a    Stuffed STEPHEN                27b    RUTHERFORD B. Hay        (Completed Red Border Puzzle)
      28a    Swollen SUE ELLEN              28b    Bloated BLAIR            (Blue puzzle top right)
      29a    MAX Axe                        29b    Deadly DUDLEY            (Blue puzzle top middle)
      30a    Alien IAN                      30b    Outerspace CHASE         (Blue puzzle top left)
      31a    Baked JAKE                     31b    Dry GUY                  (Blue puzzle center right)
      32a    Losing FAITH                   32b    Dyin' DINAH              (Blue puzzle center)
      33a    Handy RANDY                    33b    JORDAN Nuts              (Blue puzzle center left)
      34a    NAT Nerd                       34b    CLARK Can't              (Blue puzzle bottom right)
      35a    Meltin' MILTON                 35b    Lazy LOUIE               (Blue puzzle bottom middle)
      36a    MOE Skeeto                     36b    Sting RAY                (Blue puzzle bottom left)
      37a    FRAN Furter                    37b    Hot DOUG                 (Orange puzzle top right)
      38a    Dangling DOLLY                 38b    Surreal NEAL             (Orange puzzle top middle)
      39a    Fluoride FLOYD                 39b    Dental DANIEL            (Orange puzzle top left)
      40a    Toothie RUTHIE                 40b    Dental FLOSSIE           (Orange puzzle center right)
      41a    Over FLO                       41b    Moist JOYCE              (Orange puzzle center)
      42a    Joel HOLE                      42b    Teed-Off TOM             (Orange puzzle center left)
      43a    Upliftin' CLIFTON              43b    Air-Head JED             (Orange puzzle bottom right)
      44a    Tiny TIM                       44b    Small SAUL               (Orange puzzle bottom middle)
      45a    BEA Sting                      45b    Screaming MIMI           (Orange puzzle bottom left)
      46a    CLAIRE Stare                   46b    Bloodshot SCOTT          (Green puzzle top right)
      47a    HARRY Canary                   47b    BURT Cage                (Green puzzle top middle)
      48a    MARC Spark                     48b    CHERRY Bomb              (Green puzzle top left)
      49a    Milky WAYNE                    49b    Dairy CARI               (Green puzzle center right)
      50a    On the MARK                    50b    Bull's IRA               (Green puzzle center)
      51a    Cut-Up CARMEN                  51b    Dotted LIONEL            (Green puzzle center left)
      52a    Curly SHIRLEY                  52b    Blown JOAN               (Green puzzle bottom right)
      53a    Have a Nice DAVE               53b    MILES Smiles             (Green puzzle bottom middle)
      54a    Soured HOWARD                  54b    PAUL Bunion              (Green puzzle bottom left)
      55a    MANNY Heads                    55b    MAX Stacks               (Red puzzle top right)
      56a    GRANT Ant                      56b    Sticky NIKKI             (Red puzzle top middle)
      57a    Bowling ELAINE                 57b    MIKE Strike              (Red puzzle top left)
      58a    Heartless HAL                  58b    BOWEN Arrow              (Red puzzle center right)
      59a    MOE Bile                       59b    Dang LEN                 (Red puzzle center)
      60a    HALEY'S Vomit                  60b    Inter STELLA             (Red puzzle center left)
      61a    K.O.'d KARL                    61b    Sparrin' WARREN          (Red puzzle bottom right)
      62a    Waffle IRA                     62b    Griddled GRETA           (Red puzzle bottom middle)
      63a    Leather HEATHER                63b    Chained SHANE            (Red puzzle bottom left)
      64a    Glowing AMBER                  64b    Bright DWIGHT            Checklist 1b-80b
      65a    Pickled PETE                   65b    Formaldehyde FRED        Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      66a    Baby ABIE                      66b    LINCOLN Park             Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      67a    Global WARREN                  67b    AL Pocalypse             Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      68a    Stitched STELLA                68b    Patchwork PAULA          Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      69a    Raisin ELLA                    69b    Grape VI                 Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      70a    Finger-Paintin' FIFI           70b    LIBBY Stick              Lost Garbage Pail Kids
      71a    Nasty NICK                     71b    Evil EDDIE               Where Are They Now?
      72a    ADAM Bomb                      72b    Blasted BILLY            Where Are They Now?
      73a    Boozin' BRUCE                  73b    Drunk KEN                Where Are They Now?
      74a    Tee-Vee STEVIE                 74b    Geeky GARY               Where Are They Now?
      75a    Cranky FRANKIE                 75b    Bad BRAD                 Where Are They Now?
      76a    Bony JOANIE                    76b    Thin LYNN                Where Are They Now?
      77a    Split KIT                      77b    Mixed-Up MITCH           Where Are They Now?
      78a    Hot Head HARVEY                78b    ROY Bot                  Where Are They Now?
      79a    Babbling BROOKE                79b    Jelly KELLY              Where Are They Now?
      80a    NAT Nerd                       80b    CLARK Can't              Where Are They Now?


Loco Motion Cards (1:8 packs)

  1 of 10    Up CHUCK
  2 of 10    Wacky JACKIE
  3 of 10    Drippy DAN
  4 of 10    Cracked JACK
  5 of 10    Bony TONY
  6 of 10    ADAM Boom
  7 of 10    Gooey HUEY
  8 of 10    REUBEN Cube
  9 of 10    Explorin' NORMAN
 10 of 10    Squashed JOSH

Sketch Cards (1:229 packs)               # sketched

       --    Tom Bunk                        242
       --    Layron Dejarnette               250
       --    Brent Engstrom                  260
       --    Dave Gross                      260
       --    Jay Lynch                      1070
       --    Mark Pingitore                  210
       --    Joe Simko                       500
       --    Colin Walton                    103
       --    Fred Wheaton                    200
       --    Jeff Zapata                     140

Bonus Cards

       B1    Itchy MITCH (bonus boxes)
       B2    Commecting DOTS (bonus boxes)
       B3    Varicose WAYNE (bonus boxes)
       B4    Mixed-Up TRIXIE (blister packs)

Printing Plates (1:1790 packs)



       --    (hobby, retail, bonus, blister) 0-757-54-01-9
       --    (retail gravity feed, retail) 0-771-54-01-9

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©2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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