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Garbage Pail Kids Adam-Geddon (2017 Series 1)
   Topps - 2017

Notes: Thanks to for assistance! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Barren Aaron website.

Collector's Edition, Hobby, Retail boxes: 24 packs of 8 cards, 8 boxes/case.
Blaster Value Box: 5 packs of 7 + 1 parallel. Walmart (+3 Gross Bears), Target (+3 Bathroom Buddies).
Target Gravity Feed (8:pack), Retail Gravity Feed (4:pack), Jumbo Pack, Blister Pack.

"a" Stickers   Title                       "b" Stickers

Base Cards

               Parallels include: Base, Green Puke Splatter (1:pack Retail/Hobby), Yellolw Pee Splatter (1:4 packs 
               Target Gravity Feed), Black Bruised Splatter (1:pack Collector), Blue Spit Splatter (1:2 packs 
               Collector/Hobby, # to 99), Red Bloody Nose Splatter (1:3 packs Collector/Hobby, # to 75), Fools
               Gold (1:51 Collector/Hobby/Retail/Value box, 1:26 Jumbo pack/Gravity/Blaster, # to 50), Printing 
               Plates (1:1062 Collector/Hobby/1:1083 packs Retail, # 1/1).

            Alien Invasion

    1a of 5    Skin WALKER                  1b of 5    Disguised GUY
    2a of 5    Destroying A. DOUG           2b of 5    Alien IVAN
    3a of 5    Alien IAN                    3b of 5    Outer Space CHASE
    4a of 5    Squashed JOSH                4b of 5    Squoze ROSE
    5a of 5    Independence DALE            5b of 5    Inva-SEAN


   1a of 12    MAY N. Calendar              1b of 12   ENID Date
   2a of 12    Cultish CARL                 2b of 12   Kool AIDEN
   3a of 12    Anti- CHRIS                  3b of 12   Devilish DAMIEN
   4a of 12    Predict TED                  4b of 12   Right RYAN
   5a of 12    Nasty NOAH                   5b of 12   Flood ED
   6a of 12    Rapture ROBERT               6b of 12   Holy HOLLIE
   7a of 12    Four Horse- MANNY            7b of 12   Apocalyptic RIC
   8a of 12    Demonic DANTE                8b of 12   Villainous VIRGIL
   9a of 12    Grim KIM                     9b of 12   BETH Death
  10a of 12    Dry GUY                     10b of 12   Famished MITCH
  11a of 12    Mad MIKE                    11b of 12   War and WARREN
  12a of 12    Virus IRIS                  12b of 12   Plagued PAULA

            Bio & Tech

    1a of 8    Rabid ROB                    1b of 8    ETHAN Foam
    2a of 8    MOE Skeeto                   2b of 8    VINNIE Virus
    3a of 8    BARRY Bacteria               3b of 8    Super Bac- TERRY
    4a of 8    FRANCIS Fungus               4b of 8    MONTY Mushroom
    5a of 8    Engineered ERIC              5b of 8    Man-Made WADE
    6a of 8    TYRONE Drone                 6b of 8    Strike MIKE
    7a of 8    ROB Slob                     7b of 8    Lord Of The FRYE
    8a of 8    Acid RAYNE                   8b of 8    Rainy JANIE

            Dumb Deaths

   1a of 10    SHANE Saw                    1b of 10   JESSE Juggler
   2a of 10    Potty SCOTTY                 2b of 10   JERRY Bomb
   3a of 10    Furry FRANKIE                3b of 10   Cosplay JAY
   4a of 10    BETH Tub                     4b of 10   ELLIE Electro
   5a of 10    Whipped KAREEM               5b of 10   Stuffed STEPHAN
   6a of 10    Hunt EARL                    6b of 10   Ivory HUNTER
   7a of 10    Shocked JACQUE               7b of 10   IRA Socket
   8a of 10    Pedestr- IAN                 8b of 10   Obsessed JESS
   9a of 10    HARRIET Headphones           9b of 10   Loud LUCY
  10a of 10    HADDIE Hadron               10b of 10   Collided CARRIE


    1a of 5    Cracked JACK                 1b of 5    Soft Boiled SAM
    2a of 5    Fryin' RYAN                  2b of 5    Charred CHAD
    3a of 5    Cyber BILLY                  3b of 5    TOMMY Tech
    4a of 5    Dragged to HELEN             4b of 5    Final Selfie SOPHIE
    5a of 5    New Wave DAVE                5b of 5    Graffiti PETEY

            Natural Disasters

   1a of 18    Spitfire SPENCER            1b of 18   Warming WARREN
   2a of 18    Polar BARRY                  2b of 18   Habit TATE
   3a of 18    Forrest FIRE                 3b of 18   Sappy SARAH
   4a of 18    RAINA Drought                4b of 18   DEE Hydrated
   5a of 18    SANDY Wich                   5b of 18   Starvin' MARVIN
   6a of 18    Cracked CRUE                 6b of 18   Dehydrate TED
   7a of 18    Earthquake JAKE              7b of 18   Tremor TREVOR
   8a of 18    RICK- ter Scale              8b of 18   QUINN Quake
   9a of 18    Monsoon JUNE                 9b of 18   Storm SERGE
  10a of 18    ALICE Island                10b of 18   Liberty LIBBY
  11a of 18    MARK Shark                  11b of 18   TERRY Tornado
  12a of 18    VAL Cano                    12b of 18   Erupt TINA
  13a of 18    Pompeii JAY                 13b of 18   Ashy ASHLEY
  14a of 18    Nuclear WYNN T.R.           14b of 18   Ice PAIGE
  15a of 18    Meteor Shower HOWARD        15b of 18   ASTER- oid Shower
  16a of 18    Crashed ASH                 16b of 18   DEE Impact
  17a of 18    HALEY Comet                 17b of 18   JUNE Moon
  18a of 18    Black JOEL                  18b of 18   Hole NOEL


   1a of 18    Grim JIM                     1b of 18   Scared to BETH
   2a of 18    Hawkish HILLARY              2b of 18   Catastrophic CLINTON
   3a of 18    Doomsday DONALD              3b of 18   TRUMP Terror
   4a of 18    KIM JONG ummm...             4b of 18   Dictate TOR
   5a of 18    Bombs Away T.J.              5b of 18   LUKE Nuke
   6a of 18    ADAM Splitting               6b of 18   Split SPENCE
   7a of 18    Too Late TATE                7b of 18   BOB Shelter
   8a of 18    SUNNY Bather                 8b of 18   LOUISE Lounge
   9a of 18    Epic EVA                     9b of 18   APRIL Apocalypse
  10a of 18    SUNNY Glasses               10b of 18   Judgment DALE
  11a of 18    Disintegrate NATE           11b of 18   Atomized ALAN
  12a of 18    Sheltered SHELTON           12b of 18   TOM Bunkered
  13a of 18    GUS Mask                    13b of 18   Fallout BOYD
  14a of 18    Leaky LOUIS                 14b of 18   Radia- SHAWN
  15a of 18    Survivin' IVAN              15b of 18   BROCK Roach
  16a of 18    JED Button                  16b of 18   Don't Push MIA
  17a of 18    ADAM Bomb                   17b of 18   ADAM Geddon
  18a of 18    Arma GIDEON                 18b of 18   Hydrogen BOB


    1a of 5    CAMERON Chemtrail            1b of 5    CONNAR Contrail
    2a of 5    Overpopulate TED             2b of 5    NOAH Room
    3a of 5    Bye-Bye BEA                  3b of 5    NOAH More
    4a of 5    Fallout PHIL                 4b of 5    Contami- NATE
    5a of 5    NEWT Clear                   5b of 5    Nuclear Pow EARL

           The Plagues

    1a of 9    Buggy BUDDY                  1b of 9    Bug Spray JAY
    2a of 9    Locust LUCAS                 2b of 9    Swarmin' NORMAN
    3a of 9    Buggy BETTY                  3b of 9    Green JEAN
    4a of 9    ED Lice                      4b of 9    BUD Sucker
    5a of 9    Toady TERRY                  5b of 9    Croakin' COLIN
    6a of 9    Plagued JADE                 6b of 9    Tongue-tied TY
    7a of 9    Boily BOYDE                  7b of 9    Pus GUS
    8a of 9    Drippy DAN                   8b of 9    Leaky LOU
    9a of 9    CRAIG Plague                 9b of 9    Cursed CHRIS

Artist Autographs (# to 25; 1:168 Collector/Hobby/Retail/Jumbo pack/Value box, Gravity feed, Blister pack)

            Alien Invasion   
          1    Brent Engstrom              Skin WALKER                 
          2    Joe Simko                   Destroying A. DOUG          
          3    JungHwa Im                  Alien IAN                   
          4    Joe Simko                   Squashed JOSH               
          5    Neil Camera                 Independence DALE           

          1    David Gross                 MAY N. Calendar             
          2    David Gross                 Cultish CARL                
          3    David Gross                 Anti- CHRIS                 
          4    JungHwa Im                  Predict TED                 
          5    Neil Camera                 Nasty NOAH                  
          6    JungHwa Im                  Rapture ROBERT              
          7    Brent Engstrom              Four Horse- MANNY           
          8    Joe Simko                   Demonic DANTE               
          9    Brent Engstrom              Grim KIM                    
         10  x Brent Engstrom              Dry GUY                     
         11    Brent Engstrom              Mad MIKE                    
         12    Brent Engstrom              Virus IRIS                  

            Bio & Tech
          1    JungHwa Im                 Rabid ROB                   
          2  x JungHwa Im                 MOE Skeeto                  
          3  x Mark Pingitore             BARRY Bacteria              
          4    JungHwa Im                 FRANCIS Fungus              
          5    Neil Camera                Engineered ERIC             
          6  x Mark Pingitore             TYRONE Drone                
          7  x Joe Simko                  ROB Slob                           
          8    David Gross                Acid RAYNE                  

            Dumb Deaths
          1    David Gross                SHANE Saw                   
          2    Joe Simko                  Potty SCOTTY                
          3    Joe Simko                  Furry FRANKIE               
          4    Joe Simko                  BETH Tub                    
          5    Joe Simko                  Whipped KAREEM              
          6    Neil Camera                Hunt EARL                   
          7    JungHwa Im                 Shocked JACQUE              
          8  x Mark Pingitore             Pedestr- IAN                
          9  x Mark Pingitore             HARRIET Headphones          
         10    Joe Simko                  HADDIE Hadron               

          1    Joe Simko                  Cracked JACK                
          2    JungHwa Im                 Fryin' RYAN                 
          3    Joe Simko                  Cyber BILLY                 
          4    JungHwa Im                 Dragged to HELEN            
          5    Brent Engstrom             New Wave DAVE               

            Natural Dissters
          1    JungHwa Im                 Spitfire SPENCER            
          2    Brent Engstrom             Polar BARRY                 
          3    Joe Simko                  Forrest FIRE                
          4    Joe Simko                  RAINA Drought               
          5  x Brent Engstrom             SANDY Wich                  
          6    JungHwa Im                 Cracked CRUE                
          7    JungHwa Im                 Earthquake JAKE             
          8    Brent Engstrom             RICK- ter Scale             
          9    Joe Simko                  Monsoon JUNE                
         10    JungHwa Im                 ALICE Island                
         11  x David Gross                MARK Shark                  
         12  x Mark Pingitore             VAL Cano                    
         13  x Brent Engstrom             Pompeii JAY                 
         14    Brent Engstrom             Nuclear WYNN T.R.           
         15    JungHwa Im                 Meteor Shower HOWARD        
         16    David Gross                Crashed ASH                 
         17    Joe Simko                  HALEY Comet                 
         18    David Gross                Black JOEL                  

          1    Brent Engstrom             Grim JIM                    
          2    Joe Simko                  Hawkish HILLARY             
          3  x Joe Simko                  Doomsday DONALD             
          4    JungHwa Im                 KIM JONG ummm...            
          5    Fred Wheaton               Bombs Away T.J.             
          6    JungHwa Im                 ADAM Splitting              
          7    Brent Engstrom             Too Late TATE               
          8    Joe Simko                  SUNNY Bather                
          9    Joe Simko                  Epic EVA                    
         10  x JungHwa Im                 SUNNY Glasses               
         11  x Joe Simko                  Disintegrate NATE           
         12    David Gross                Sheltered SHELTON           
         13    Brent Engstrom             GUS Mask                    
         14    David Gross                Leaky LOUIS                 
         15    JungHwa Im                 Survivin' IVAN              
         16    JungHwa Im                 JED Button                  
         17    Joe Simko                  ADAM Bomb                   
         18    Joe Simko                  Arma GIDEON                 

          1    JungHwa Im                CAMERON Chemtrail           
          2    Brent Engstrom            Overpopulate TED            
          3    JungHwa Im                Bye-Bye BEA                 
          4    JungHwa Im                Fallout PHIL                
          5    Neil Camera               NEWT Clear                  

            The Plagues
          1    JungHwa Im                Buggy BUDDY                 
          2    JungHwa Im                Locust LUCAS                
          3    JungHwa Im                Buggy BETTY                 
          4    JungHwa Im                ED Lice                     
          5    Joe Simko                 Toady TERRY                 
          6    Brent Engstrom            Plagued JADE                
          7    JungHwa Im                Boily BOYDE                 
          8  x Joe Simko                 Drippy DAN                  
          9    Mark Pingitore            CRAIG Plague                

Best of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Stickers (1:24 packs Hobby/Collector)

    1a of 5    Humpty DONALD                1b of 5    TRUMPTY Dumpty             Joe Simko
    2a of 5    Heady HILLARY                2b of 5    Cunning CLINTON            Brent Engstrom
    3a of 5    Distraught DONALD            3b of 5    Troubled TRUMP             Joe Simko
    4a of 5    Hostage HILLARY              4b of 5    Corrupt CLINTON            Brent Engstrom
    5a of 5    Unbalanced BERNIE            5b of 5    Screwy SANDERS             JungHwa Im

Classic Adamgeddon Stickers (2:Jumbo pack)

   1a of 10    Dead TED                     1b of 10   JAY Decay                  John Pound    OS1
   2a of 10    ADAM Bomb                    2b of 10   Blasted BILLY              John Pound    OS1
   3a of 10    Fryin' RYAN                  3b of 10   Charred CHAD               John Pound    OS2
   4a of 10    Hot SCOTT                    4b of 10   LUKE Warm                  John Pound    OS2
   5a of 10    Bad Breath SETH              5b of 10   Foul PHIL                  John Pound    OS2
   6a of 10    Hot Head HARVEY              6b of 10   ROY Bot                    John Pound    OS3
   7a of 10    Grim JIM                     7b of 10   BETH Death                 Tom Bunk      OS3
   8a of 10    HUGH Mungous                 8b of 10   King-Size KEVIN            Tom Bunk      OS3
   9a of 10    Alien IAN                    9b of 10   Outerspace CHASE           John Pound    OS4
  10a of 10    Losing FAITH                10b of 10   Dyin' DINAH                Tom Bunk      OS4

Bathroom Buddies Stickers (3:Value Box Target)

         7a    ARNIE Tank                        7b    Shot WATT                  Tom Bunk
         8a    JUNE Prune                        8b    Wrinkled RACHEL            Tom Bunk
         9a    Squat SCOTT                       9b    HENRY Helmet               Tom Bunk

Gross Bears Stickers (3:Value Box WalMart)

         11    Bonkers Bear                                                       Tom Bunk
         12    Spiky Bear                                                         Tom Bunk
         13    Tear Bear                                                          Tom Bunk
         14    Frankenbear                                                        Tom Bunk
         15    B.O. Bear                                                          Tom Bunk
         L3    Burger Bear                                                        Tom Bunk

Adam-Geddon Manufactured Patch Cards (1:36 packs Hobby/Collector, # to 50)

   1a of 10    Dead TED                     1b of 10   JAY Decay
   2a of 10    ADAM Bomb                    2b of 10   Blasted BILLY
   3a of 10    Fryin' RYAN                  3b of 10   Charred CHAD
   4a of 10    Hot SCOTT                    4b of 10   LUKE Warm
   5a of 10    Bad Breath SETH              5b of 10   Foul PHIL
   6a of 10    Hot Head HARVEY              6b of 10   ROY Bot
   7a of 10    Grim JIM                     7b of 10   BETH Death
   8a of 10    HUGH Mungous                 8b of 10   King-Size KEVIN
   9a of 10    Alien IAN                    9b of 10   Outerspace CHASE
  10a of 10    Losing FAITH                10b of 10   Dyin' DINAH

Sketch Cards

               Varieties include: Standard (1:326 packs Hobby/Retail/Value box, 1:168 Jumbo pack), Shaped 
               (1:176 packs Hobby/Collector), Panoramic (1:637 Jumbo pack), Loaded (1:75 Value Box), Double 
               Artist Panoramic (1:694 packs Hobby/Collector).

         --    Anthony Skubis                       standard  shaped  panoramic
         --    Barry Nygma                          standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Bradley "Yeldarb" Tabar
         --    Brent Engstrom                       standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Cathy Razim                          standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Cecilia Granata                      standard          panoramic  loaded
         --    Chad Scheres                         standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Chris Meeks                          standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Dan "B.W." Burn Webster              standard                     loaded
         --    Daniel Contois                       standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    "GPK Dave" Dabila                    standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Denis St. John                       standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Dennis Gortakowski                   standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Dustin Graham                        standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Jasmine Contois                      standard  shaped  panoramic
         --    Jason Crosby                         standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Jason Heil                           standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    JM Monserrat                         standard  shaped
         --    Joe Simko                            standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Jon Gregory                          standard  shaped
         --    Kelly Greider                        standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Lily Z. Mercado                      standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Lowell Isaac                         standard
         --    Magnus Von Robotsson                 standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Marisol Henriquez                    standard                     loaded
         --    Matt Steffens                        standard          panoramic  loaded
         --    Matthew Kirscht                      standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Michael Barnard                      standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Neil Camera                          standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Patrick Giles                        standard                     loaded
         --    Rich Molinelli                       standard  shaped  panoramic
         --    Robert Jimenez                       standard  shaped  panoramic
         --    Ryan Moffett                         standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Sean Norvet                          standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Simone Arena                         standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    "Smokin' Joe" McWilliams             standard  shaped             loaded
         --    Sobot Cortez                         standard                     loaded
         --    Steve Potter                         standard  shaped  panoramic  loaded
         --    Vincenzo "Chenduz" D'Ippolito        standard                     loaded

            Double Artist Panoramic Sketch Cards (Collector)

         --    anthony Skubis / Steve Potter
         --    Barry Nygma / Steve Potter
         --    Chad Scheres / Jason Crosby
         --    "GPK Dave" Dabila / Cecilia Granata
         --    Jason Heil / Cathy Razim
         --    JM Monserrat / Neil Camera
         --    Jon Gregory / "Smokin' Joe" McWilliams
         --    Kelly Greider / Matt Steffens
         --    Lowell Isaac / Steve Potter
         --    Magnus Von Robotsson / Robert Jimenez
         --    Marisol Henriquez / Denis St. John
         --    Matthew Kirscht / Denis St. John
         --    Neil Camera / Ryan Moffett
         --    Patrick Giles / Chris Meeks
         --    Simone Arena / Neil Camera
         --    Steve Potter / Sean Norvet
         --    Vincenzo "Chenduz" D'Ippolito / "Smokin' Joe" McWilliams

2017 Shammys Grammys

      These stickers were available exclusively on the Topps website 
      for a one-week period.

       Title 1                             Title 2

  1a   Decorated DAVID                1b   Blackstar BOWIE
  2a   Purple PRINCE                  2b   Noble NELSON
  3a   Glorious GEORGE                3b   Majestic MICHAEL
  4a   Guileful GAGA                  4b   Huffy HETFIELD
  5a   Angry ADELE                    5b   Agitated ADKINS
  6a   Beautiful BEYONCE              6b   Noticeable KNOWLES
  7a   Cuckoo CEE-LO                  7b   Golden GREEN
  8a   Ailing ALEX                    8b   Declining Health DREW

  9    David Bowie Knife - Wacky     
 10    Purple Crayons - Wacky     
 11    Chance the Wrapper - Wacky     
2017 The Not-Scars

      These stickers were available exclusively on the Topps website for 
      a one-week period.Further information and scans are posted at Topps.

       Title 1                             Title 2

  1a   WARREN Batty                   1b   Baiting BEATTY
  2a   Rhythmic RYAN                  2b   Ensemble EMMA
  3a   Losing LIN                     3b   Missed Out MANUEL
  4a   Hurtin' HARLEY                 4b   Cracked QUINN
  5a   Eaten EDDIE                    5b   Ravaged REDMAYNE
  6a   AMY Arrived                    6b   Alien ADAMS
  7a   Monster MICHAEL                7b   Swipin' SHANNON
  8a   VIGGO Mortified                8b   Misappropriatin' MORTENSEN

  9   Oscar Mired Weiners (and losers) - Wacky
 10   Harlequin Puddin' - Wacky

2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Lame

      These stickers were available exclusively on the Topps website for 
      a one-week period.Further information and scans are posted at Topps.

       Title 1                             Title 2                       
 Title 3

  1A   Wave DAVE                        1B Band Leader LETTERMAN
  2A   No-Show NEIL                     2B Yawning YOUNG
  3A   Drum Circle DAVE                 3B Irate IRONS                 3C Mad MATT        
  4A   JEFFREY B. Goode                 4B Electric Light LYNNE
  5A   Bone to Pick JOAN                5B Bashing BAEZ
  6A   Raunchy RICK                     6B Wild WAKEMAN

  7    Secrets Mouth Tape - Wacky        
  8    2 Pack of Hip Hop Pop - Wacky        
  9    Snoop-Doggy Snacks - Wacky        
 10    Yessss Neverending Gum - Wacky        

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