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Garbage Pail Kids - Irish/British 2nd Series ("Mini")
Topps - 1986

Preface: Each Garbage Pail Kids series was printed as a natural group of 88
cards, 44 each of the "a" and "b" variety.  Often the numerical series has
fewer than 44 cards, and the additional cards were planned from the beginning
as variations.  Usually these "planned" variations show up as different back

The 2nd series probably only had one planned back variation, cards 42a&b, and
a planned double-print for cards 45a&b, making a numerical set of 84 into a
"natural" variation set of 86.  However, a large number of back variations have
been found for the "a" cards.  Others may be out there besides those shown
below, but the complete variation set appears to be at least 97, and there
is an unconfirmed report of a variation for 45a, a double-print-run card.

The change of 49b to "Fran Fran" had already been implemented before the
mini cards were produced. There was a single release that is commonly called
"Irish," "British," "English", "U.K.", or "minis."  Thanks to Wayne Genualdi
for the correction!

 "a"                                       "b"
Card   Title            Variation         Card  Title               Variation

 42  Patty Putty        Sneak Award         42  Muggin' Megan       Sneak Award
 +   Patty Putty        Spaz Award          +                       Spaz Award
 43  Smelly Kelly       Puzzle Piece        43  Doug Plug
 +   Smelly Kelly       (Completed Puzzle)
 44  Sy Clops           Puzzle Piece        44  One-Eyed Jack
 +   Sy Clops           (Completed Puzzle)
 45  Leaky Lindsay                          45  Messy Tessie
 46  Rappin' Ron        Checklist           46  Ray Gun
 +   Rappin' Ron        (Puzzle Piece)
 47  Disgustin' Justin  Checklist           47  Vile Kyle
 +   Disgustin' Justin  (Puzzle Piece)
 48  Tongue Tied Tim    Eat                 48  Marty Mouthful
 +   Tongue Tied Tim    (Puzzle Piece)
 49  Double Heather     Hard Knocks         49  Fran Fran
 +   Double Heather     (Puzzle Piece)
 50  Mad Donna          Eat                 50  Nutty Nicole
 +   Mad Donna          (Big Mouth)
 51  Russel Muscle      Hard Knocks         51  Brett Sweat
 +   Russel Muscle      (Phony)
 52  Dirty Harry        Big Foot            52  Rob Slob
 +   Dirty Harry        (Sneak Award)
 53  Jolted Joel        Rudeness Award      53  Live Mike
 +   Jolted Joel        (Sneak Award)
 54  Fryin' Ryan        Short Memory        54  Charred Chad
 +   Fryin' Ryan        (Punked Out)
 55  Hairy Gary                             55  Brutal Brad
 56  Hairy Carrie                           56  Brutal Bridget
 57  Tommy Gun                              57  Dead Fred
 58  Cracked Jack                           58  Soft Boiled Sam
 59  Clogged Duane                          59  Bye Bye Bobby
 60  Prickly Rick                           60  Cactus Carol
 61  Jolly Roger                            61  Pegleg Peter
 62  Greaser Greg                           62  Chris Hiss
 63  Spacey Stacy                           63  Janet Planet
 64  Hot Scott                              64  Luke Warm
 65  Shrunken Ed                            65  Cheeky Charles
 66  Matt Ratt                              66  Rachel Rodent
 67  Phony Lisa                             67  Mona Loser
 68  Oliver Twisted                         68  Dizzy Dave
 69  Jenny Jelly                            69  Sara Slime
 70  Bad Breath Seth                        70  Foul Phil
 71  Odd Todd                               71  Bent Ben
 72  Mad Max                                72  Brainy Brian
 73  Gorgeous George                        73  Dollar Bill
 74  Mark Bark                              74  Kennel Kenny
 75  Off-the-Wall Paul                      75  Zach Plaque
 76  Bonnie Bunny                           76  Pourin' Lauren
 77  Ghastly Ashley                         77  Acne Amy
 78  Wrinkled Rita                          78  Ancient Annie
 79  Sewer Sue                              79  Michelle Muck
 80  Tattoo Lou                             80  Art Gallery
 81  Split Kit                              81  Mixed-Up Mitch
 82  Slain Wayne                            82  Ventilated Vinnie
 83  Ugh Lee                                83  Sumo Sid

©1999-2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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