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Garbage Pail Kids - Irish/British 3rd Series ("Mini")
Topps - 1986

Preface: The 3rd series "minis" were apparently produced in a hurry from
a selection of cards from the American 3rd, 4th, and 5th series.  Certain
numbers were omitted and numerous back variations exist.  There was a
single release that is commonly called "Irish," "British," "English", "U.K.",
or "minis."

  "a"                                           "b"
 Card  Title             Variation             Card  Title              Variation

   84  Joe Blow          Barber                  84  Rod Wad            Barber
   +   Joe Blow          Principal               +   Rod Wad            Principal
   85  Stuck Chuck                               85  Pinned Lynn        Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Pinned Lynn        Right Puzzle Piece
   86  Horsey Henry                              86  Galloping Glen     Checklist
                                                 +   Galloping Glen     Center Puzzle Piece
   87  Hot Head Harvey                           87  Roy Bot            Completed Puzzle
                                                 +   Roy Bot            Center Puzzle Piece
   88  Dinah Saur                                88  Farrah Fossil      Completed Puzzle
                                                 +   Farrah Fossil      Center Puzzle Piece
   89  Hurt Curt                                 89  Pat Splat          Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Pat Splat          Right Puzzle Piece
   90  Stoned Sean                               90  Thick Vic          Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Thick Vic          Right Puzzle Piece
   91  Blake Flake
   93  Drew Blood                                93  Bustin' Dustin     Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Bustin' Dustin     Right Puzzle Piece
   94  Bruised Lee                               94  Karate Kate        Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Karate Kate        Right Puzzle Piece
   95  Grim Jim                                  95  Beth Death         Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Beth Death         Right Puzzle Piece
   96  Distorted Dot
   97  Punchy Perry                              97  Creamed Keith      Mother
                                                 +   Creamed Keith      Puzzle Piece
   98  Charlotte Web                             98  Didi T.            Kid Sister
                                                 +   Didi T.            Teacher
   99  Beaky Becky                               99  Picky Mickey       Father
                                                 +   Picky Mickey       Slob Award
  100  Ali Gator
  103  Wriggley Rene
  104  Silent Sandy
  105  Juicy Lucy                               105  Green Dean         Mother
                                                 +   Green Dean         Neighbor
  107  Totem Paula                              107  Tatum Pole         Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Tatum Pole         Right Puzzle Piece
  108  Smelly Sally                             108  Fishy Phyllis      Teacher's Pet
                                                 +   Fishy Phyllis      Liar
  109  Toady Terry       Puzzle Piece           109  Croakin' Colin     Puzzle Piece
   +   Toady Terry       Completed Puzzle        +   Croakin' Colin     Completed Puzzle
  110  Snooty Sam        Big Sister
   +   Snooty Sam        Teacher
  111  Target Margaret                          111  Bullseye Barry     Teacher
                                                 +   Bullseye Barry     Principal
  112  Frank N. Stein                           112  Undead Jed         Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Undead Jed         Right Puzzle Piece
                                                113  Liberty Libby      Black Number - Barber
                                                 +   Liberty Libby      Black Number - Kid Brother
                                                 +   Liberty Libby      White Number - Barber
                                                 +   Liberty Libby      White Number - Kid Brother
  114  Starin' Darren                           114  Peepin' Tom        Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Peepin' Tom        Right Puzzle Piece
  115  Warmin' Norman                           115  Well Done Sheldon  Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Well Done Sheldon  Right Puzzle Piece
  116  Eerie Eric                               116  Berserk Kirk       Teacher's Pet
                                                 +   Berserk Kirk       Liar
  117  Rocky N. Roll                            117  Les Vegas          Slob Award
                                                 +   Les Vegas          Puzzle Piece
  118  Half-Nelson                              118  Glandular Angela   Kid Sister
                                                 +   Glandular Angela   Teacher's Pet
  119  Ted Head                                 119  Still Jill         Mother
                                                 +   Still Jill         Neighbor
  120  Babbling Brooke                          120  Jelly Kelly        Store Owner
                                                 +   Jelly Kelly        Cheapskate
  122  Broad Maud                               122  Large Marge        Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Large Marge        Right Puzzle Piece
                                                123  Sticky Rick        Left Puzzle Piece
                                                 +   Sticky Rick        Right Puzzle Piece
                                                124  King-Size Kevin    Mother
                                                 +   King-Size Kevin    Puzzle Piece
                                                no#  Oak Kay            Principal
                                                 +   Oak Kay            Puzzle Piece
                                                129  Trashed Tracy      Kid Brother
                                                 +   Trashed Tracy      Barber
  130  Nicky Hickey      Class Bully
   +   Nicky Hickey      Garbage Man
  131  Stuffed Stephen   Completed Puzzle
   +   Stuffed Stephen   Puzzle Piece
  132  Bony Tony         Checklist
   +   Bony Tony         Puzzle Piece
                                                137  Deadly Dudley
  138  Alien Ian         Checklist
   +   Alien Ian         Puzzle Piece
  140  Mouth Phil        Big Sister             140  Tooth Les
   +   Mouth Phil        Teacher
  146  Baked Jake        Store Owner
       Baked Jake        Cheapskate
                                                148  Tiffany Lamp
                                                149  Incomplete Pete
                                                153  Duncan Pumpkin
  159  Catty Kathy       Slob Award
   +   Catty Kathy       Puzzle Piece
  161  Shorned Sean      Principal
   +   Shorned Sean      Teacher
  163  Trish Squish      Garbage Man
   +   Trish Squish      Class Bully
  164  Teddy Bear        Checklist
   +   Teddy Bear        Puzzle Piece
  166  Gored Gordon      Father
   +   Gored Gordon      Slob Award

©1999-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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