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Garbage Pail Kids Comics
   Topps - 2017

Notes: Topps sold GPK comics occassionally, in sequence, exclusively on their website, with items available 
for one week. Each comic is accompanied by two sticker-cards. Print runs are based on actual sales.

Sale Date   Comic Title                                       "a" Sticker                "b" Sticker                  Print Run

  1/20/17   Worst of 2016                                     1a   Grim JIM              1b   Nervous REX               265
  1/27/17   Presidential Inaug-Hurl Ceremony - Donald Dump    2a   DONALD Dump           2b   Tossed Coolies TRUMP      455
  2/28/17   Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse                 3a   Detonation DONALD     3b   Terminus TRUMP            291
  3/14/17   Alternate Endings                                 4a   AL-cademy Comedy      4b   OSCAR La Vista            204

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