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Garbage Pail Kids - Giant Stickers - Set of 15
Topps - 1986

Card   Title

  1    Bazooka Jerk
  2    Bony Joanie
  3    Garbage Pail Kids Rule!
  4    Foul Bill
  5    Have a Nice Day
  6    Hooked on Garbage Pail Kids
  7    Why Fight It?
  8    Take a Garbage Pail Kid to Lunch
  9    Visit Garbage Pail National Park
 10    Garbage Pail Circus!
 11    How to Be a Garbage Pail Kid
 12    It Takes Guts to Be a Garbage Pail Kid
 13    And the Winner Is ... Miss Garbage Pail Kid
 14    Busted!
 15    Garbage Pail School Senior Class

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