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Garbage Pail Kids Magnet Cards
   Topps - 2012

Notes: Cards were sold in four different packs, each with 4 magnet cards and 
fruity gummy candy.

    No.      Title               Artist

  1 of 16    ADAM Bomb           John Pound
  2 of 16    Potty SCOTTY        John Pound
  3 of 16    Ghastly ASHLEY      John Pound
  4 of 16    Beasty BOYD         John Pound
  5 of 16    STAN Alive          Mark Pingitore
  6 of 16    GARY Goyle          Mark Pingitore
  7 of 16    Not TOBEY           Mark Pingitore
  8 of 16    TONY Starch         Mark Pingitore
  9 of 16    Breezy BETTY        Mark Pingitore
 10 of 16    Phan TOM            Mark Pingitore
 11 of 16    Sun BERNIE          Mark Pingitore
 12 of 16    DAWN Pour           Mark Pingitore
 13 of 16    TYopiary TERRI      Mark Pingitore
 14 of 16    NOAH Constrictor    Mark Pingitore
 15 of 16    IV IVY              Mark Pingitore
 16 of 16    Curious KATE        Mark Pingitore

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