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Garbage Pail Kids Comic-Con Series 1
   Topps - 2014

Notes: The oversized cards are 11" x 14". The "a" series cards were sold at San Diego 
Comic Con 2014 at the rate of  50 per day.  The "b" series cards were sold as a set 
through the Topps online store. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Topps website.

 No.   Title

"A" Edition Exclusive Cards (limited to 150)

CC1a   Comic CONNER
CC2a   Gamey JAMIE
CC3a   CALVIN America
CC4a   Pacific JIM
CC5a   Alien IAN

"B" Edition Series 1 (limited to 500)

CC1b   Cosplay CODY
CC2b   Dead NED
CC3b   STEVE Rotters
CC4b   TODD Zilla
CC5b   Outerspace CHASE
CC6b   Eternal ADAM

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P1     Comic CONNER  [2-1/2" x 3-1/2"]

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