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Star Warped Kids Series 1
   Mark Pingitore / Magic Marker Art - 2017

Notes: 100 sets were produced, featuring Star Wars themes within the Garbage 
Pail Kids universe.

            "a" Title               "b" Title

      1a    C3P OWEN          1b    BRAD Feeling
      2a    Slaya LEIA        2b    Captured CARRIE
      3a    MARK Minx         3b    LUKE Warm
      4a    Carbon NATE       4b    Half Off HAN
      5a    Yo DOUG           5b    DIEGO Bah
      6a    Wook KEITH        6b    Chewy DEWEY
      7a    YURI Father       7b    Meditate SEAN
      8a    ARTIE Detoo       8b    Holo GRAEME
      9a    B.O. JUAN         9b    Baked BEN

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