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Grande Illusions: Tom Savini's Gotcha!
Imagine - 1988

Notes:  This series features the creations of master ghoulish make-up artist
and designer, Tom Savini.  It was generally issued as factory sets, either with
or without the autographed card 61.  The extra merchandising cards show
the box where the card number is placed in regular cards, but empty.

No.   Card Text                                         Production

 1    Halloween 1987. Makeup by Everett Burrell and     Halloween 1987
 2    My "old Pal" Jason, the polyfoam dummy.
 3    Rare photo of the underskull of Jason for Frid    Friday the 13th, Part IV
 4    Old age appliance make up of Grandpa for Texas    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
 5    Baseball player zombie from Day of the Dead.      Day of the Dead
 6    Articulated remote control half-head from Day     Day of the Dead
 7    A young Chinese actress "loses face" in Scared    Scared to Death
 8    "Dr. Tongue" artculated puppet from Day of the    Day of the Dead
 9    "Butch" and Tom's daughter Lia. Articulated ma    Tales from the Darkside
10    A never used scene of a chainsaw attack from T    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
11    Hitchhiker dummy made of foam rubber and dowel    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
12    No, this is not the special at your local lobs
13    An underground zombie from Day of the Dead.       Day of the Dead
14    Howard Berger models "Butch Monster" he played    Tales from the Darkside
15    Testing the "Shovel in the face" gag for Day o    Day of the Dead
16    The victims sit and wait in the back seat of t
17    Their day is done. Foam latex heads over hollo
18    The Pat Logan zombie for Day of the Dead.         Day of the Dead
19    Another angle showing M---E C--T or Brainless     Day of the Dead
20    The brain appliance make up on Stacy Foster fo    Monkey Shines
21    Raoul awaits his cue from the movie Creepshow.    Creepshow
22    Testing the throat cut on a polyfoam head for     Friday the 13th Part IV
23    "Baby Nemo" cotton and latex, plus a foam late    Day of the Dead
24    Making up Ari Lehman as Jason for his role in     Friday the 13th Part I
25    Bullet ridden polyfoam head for use in Day of     Day of the Dead
26    Sculpting "Lizzy" for her Tales from the Darks    Tales from the Darkside
27    Phantom of the Opera mask sculpted by Tom is s
28    Appliance make up on Tom Savini in stages by E    Creepshow II
29    Daddy's or "the Creep's" little girl, Lia Savi
30    Final touch-up on the "Creep" by Everett Burre    Creepshow II
31    Tom puts some finishing touches on his sculptu    Tales from the Darkside
32    The "Lizzy" stand-in dummy from "Inside the Cl    Tales from the Darkside
33    Making Raoul for Creepshow - latex mask, cotto    Creepshow
34    Yhe Spectre waits! From Creepshow.                Creepshow
35    Jason. Foam latex mask for Friday the 13th, I.    Friday the 13th, I
36    Severed Greg Nicatero articulated head for Day    Day of the Dead
37    Hardly seen unruly corprse dummy from Day of t    Day of the Dead
38    Bust of E.G. Marshall made for the cockroach s    Creepshow
39    "Robochimp." Mechanical understructure for mec    Monkey Shines
40    Happy snap during filming of Day of the Dead.     Day of the Dead
41    Zombie from the Florida sequence of Day of the    Day of the Dead
42    Hong Kong. An articulated mask for Scared to D    Scared to Death
43    Platehead make up on Bill Mosley for Texas Cha    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
44    Tom puts finishing touches on autopsy zombie f    Day of the Dead
45    Prototype silicone tongue made for Stephen Kin    Creepshow
46    Nearly finished Grandpa make up by John Vulich    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
47    The unknown soldier zombie for Day of the Dead    Day of the Dead
48    Full figure view of nearly completed "Lizzy" s    Tales from the Darkside
49    "Leatherface" mask - latex faces sewn together    Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
50    Highly embarassing costume fitting for George     Knightriders
51    George Romero and "Fluffy" at the cast party f    Creepshow
52    Corneal lenses and fangs for that sensitive lo
53    Actor Ted Danson is being prepared for his rol    Creepshow
54    The "Doctor Tongue" appliances over understruc    Day of the Dead
55    Another rare photo of Tom in his Demon make-up    Halloween 1987
56    Raoul" - RC controlled plus cable operated ske    Creepshow
57    Confering with George Romero over the soldier     Day of the Dead
58    Rubber self likeness of Tom for shotgun scene     Maniac
59    Checklist
60    Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly

61    Tom Savini (autographed card)

--    (Order card for Grande Illusions book)
--    FantaCo Enterprises Inc. (product list)
--    (Order card for FantaCo's 96-page catalog)
--    Imagine, Inc. (product list)


62    Demon 3

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