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Grease, Series 1
Topps - 1978

Note:  Stickers are often (but not always) considered part of the basic set.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.82 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title                                        Card Back [if not puzzle]

  1   Danny and Sandy                              Movie Facts
  2   One of the more popular events!
  3   The "Grease" Gang
  4   Vince Fontaine
  5   It's Teen Angel!                             Movie Facts
  6   New arrival at school!
  7   Danny Zuko - a track star?
  8   Frenchy's fantasy
  9   John Travolta as Danny                       Movie Facts #4 of 22
 10   The Thunderbirds!                            Movie Facts
 11   Johnny Casino and the Gamblers (Sha-Na-Na)
 12   Stockard Channing
 13   Sandy meets the Pink Ladies!
 14   The Day of the Greaser
 15   Dody Goodman as Blanche
 16   Casino and the Gamblers do their thing
 17   Rizzo and the Pink Ladies
 18   Danny in demand!
 19   Looking over the "new" Sandy!
 20   A celebration in the sun!                    Movie Facts
 21   Gettin' ready to cream the teacher!
 22   A dazzled Danny!                             Movie Facts
 23   Greased Lightning in action!                 Movie Facts #13 of 22
 24   The big rama-lama-ding-dong!                 Movie Facts
 25   Sandy makes the "grade"!                     Movie Facts
 26   Danny and Sandy - made for each other!
 27   Trouble at the dance!                        Movie Facts
 28   Putzie and Jan
 29   Some encouragement from Sandy!
 30   Rizzo imitates Sandy at the sleep-over
 31   The Rydell Cheerleaders
 32   Sandy's new look!                            Movie Facts
 33   Sandy (Olivia Newton-John)
 34   Rizzo flips out!
 35   Giving the dancing shoes a workout!
 36   Trouble among the cheerleaders!
 37   Eve Arden as Principal McGee                 Movie Facts
 38   Joan Blondell as Vi
 39   The T-Birds celebrate Summer Nights          Movie Facts
 40   The sleep-over at Frenchy's
 41   The T-Birds!
 42   Coach Calhoun and Principal McGee
 43   Sandy's big change!
 44   Presenting ... Greased Lightning!
 45   A song of young love
 46   Rizzo (Stockard Channing)
 47   The T-Birds and their dream car!
 48   Dazzled by Vince Fontaine!
 49   A real challenge for Coach Calhoun!          Movie Facts
 50   Rydell High's hottest romance!
 51   Black leather Sandy!
 52   Together Forever!                            Movie Facts #7 of 22
 53   It's Danny at the bat!                       Movie Facts
 54   Greased Lightning - man, what a car!
 55   Sandy and Danny: happy endings!
 56   Sandy, Danny and Kenickie
 57   The night of the big dance                   Movie Facts
 58   Portrait of a Greaser
 59   The fine art of baseball                     Movie Facts #20 of 22
 60   Danny - an unlikely athlete!                 Movie Facts #9 of 22
 61   Thunderbirds are go!!                        Movie Facts #5 of 22
 62   The ever-lovin' Teen Angel!
 63   Romance at the dance!
 64   A tale of two greasers
 65   The auto shop rocks!                         Movie Facts
 66   Danny asks Sandy to wear his school ring


  1   Frenchy's Fantasy
  2   Johnny Casino and the Gamblers (Sha-Na-Na)
  3   Danny Zuko - A Track Star?
  4   Vince Fontaine
  5   The "Grease" Gang
  6   New Arrival at School!
  7   John Travolta as Danny
  8   The Thunderbirds!
  9   It's Teen Angel
 10   Danny and Sandy
 11   Portrait of Stockard Channing

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