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Grease Series 2
Topps - 1978

Notes:  The puzzle is 4 rows deep (A-D) and eleven cards long (1-11), and is
pictured on card #98.  Stickers are often (but not always) considered part of
the basic set.  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.82 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Card Front                                 Card Back

 67   [Travolta puzzle B-1]                      [Puzzle B-2]
 68   [Travolta puzzle B-2]                      [Puzzle B-1]
 69   [Travolta puzzle A-2]                      [Puzzle A-1]
 70   [Travolta puzzle A-1]                      [Puzzle A-2]
 71   Creation of a dream car!                   Story summary #4 of 17
 72   Last day's big bash!                       [Puzzle B-8]
 73   In search of some privacy!                 [Puzzle C-4]
 74   Danny gongs it!                            [Puzzle C-5]
 75   A swingin' celebration!                    [Puzzle D-7]
 76   King of the Dance Floor                    [Puzzle A-9]
 77   Kenickie asks Danny to be his "second"     [Puzzle A-7]
 78   Master of Greased Lightning!               Movie Facts
 79   Keep "cool", Danny!                        [Puzzle C-8]
 80   Recounting summer conquests                [Puzzle C-10]
 81   Fontaine steals the scene!                 [Puzzle C-6]
 82   All's well with the gang!                  [Puzzle D-4]
 83   Has Danny turned square?                   Story summary #7 of 17
 84   Kenickie in trouble!                       [Puzzle D-3]
 85   Lunch with the Pink Ladies                 Story summary #6 of 17
 86   Having a ball at the Frosty Palace         [Puzzle D-9]
 87   Is Sandy too pure to be pink?              Movie Facts
 88   Tell me more, tell me more!                Story summary #10 of 17
 89   Prinicpal McGee moonlights as a referee!   [Puzzle C-9]
 90   Craterface and Cha Cha                     [Puzzle B-6]
 91   The Rydell High "Jock"                     [Puzzle A-10]
 92   It's Danny to the rescue!                  [Puzzle D-5]
 93   Kids of Rydell                             Story summary #5 of 17
 94   Knocking the jocks out of their sweatsocks [Puzzle D-8]
 95   Danny's summer romance                     [Puzzle B-5]
 96   Three cheers for summer nights!            [Puzzle B-7]
 97   Revealing the secrets of success!          Story summary #11 of 17
 98   Hot duo: Danny and Cha Cha!                [Puzzle  A-8]
 99   The Pinks make the scene                   [Puzzle A-11]
100   Casino's big night                         [Puzzle B-4]
101   Fun at Frenchy's sleepover                 Story Summary #15 of 17
102   Some unkind words for Blanche!             Movie Facts
103   How long 'till summer vacation?            [Puzzle D-10]
104   World's Greatest Greasers                  [Puzzle C-7]
105   The soul of Teen Angel                     [Puzzle C-11]
106 a school supporter!                  [Puzzle B-9]
107   Rizzo-caught in the act!                   Story summary #9 of 17
108   Some advice from Vi                        [Puzzle B-10]
109   Uh-oh...Trouble!                           Story summary #16 of 17
110   Frenchy's dream man                        [Puzzle B-11]
111   Golden words from Teen Angel               [Puzzle D-11]
112   Rizzo's up to mischief                     [Puzzle A-3]
113   The Fabulous Fontaine!                     [Puzzle A-4]
114   Pink Thoughts                              [Puzzle D-6]
115   Don't mess with the Pink Ladies!           Story summary #17 of 17
116   Cha Cha's good luck kiss!                  [Puzzle A-6]
117   A man and his machine                      Movie Facts
118   Presenting Teen Angel!                     Story summary #8 of 17
119   Jock...or jerk?                            [Puzzle B-3]
120   Dynamite Sandy!                            Story summary #2 of 17
121   Portrait of Teen Angel                     Story summary #12 of 17
122   Portrait of Stockard Channing              [Puzzle C-1]
123   Coolest of the cool!                       Story summary #3 of 17
124   Sandy Superchick!                          Story summary #14 of 17
125   Trying out for basketball                  [Puzzle D-2]
126   Danny-a real tough dude!                   Story summary #1 of 17
127   Zuko the gymnast!                          [Puzzle D-1]
128   Shades of Rizzo!                           [Puzzle C-2]
129   Meet the new, improved Sandy!              [Puzzle A-5]
130   Danny at the wheel                         [Puzzle C-3]
131   Doin' it on the dance floor!               Story summary #13 of 17
132   Rizzo's Fab Four                           Movie Facts


 12   Coach Calhoun and Principal McGee
 13   Rizzo's Fab Four
 14   The T-Birds and Their Dream Car!
 15   Meet the New Improved Sandy!
 16   A Real Challenge for Coach Calhoun
 17   Danny at the Wheel!
 18   Doin' It on the Dance Floor!
 19   Sandy's Big Change!
 20   Coolest of the Cool!
 21   Portrait of a Greaser
 22   Shades of Rizzo!

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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