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Great Crimes Shock Cards
   Personality Comics - 1992

Notes: Cards were sold as a factory set. Thanks to Mark Statuto for the list!

     No.   Title

       1   Manson Murders
       2   Patty Hearst Kidnapping
       3   Brinks Job
       4   Great Train Robbery
       5   John Dillinger's Rampage
       6   Ponzi's Schemes
       7   Leopold and Loeb
       8   Bonnie and Clyde
       9   J.F. Kennedy Assassination
      10   Jimmy Hoffa
      11   Frank Sinatra Jr. Kidnapping
      12   Lee Harvey Oswald
      13   D.B. Cooper: Skyjacker
      14   Son of Sam Shootings
      15   Theft of the Mona Lisa
      16   The Jonestown Massacre
      17   Slaying of John Lennon
      18   John DeLorean Case
      19   The Ma Barker Gang
      20   St. Valentine's Day Massacre
      21   Escapades of Izzy and Moe
      22   Billy the Kid
      23   The Lufthanza Heist
      24   Calamity Jane
      25   Lindbergh Kidnapping
      26   Tom Horn
      27   Butch Cassidy
      28   Birdman of Alcatraz
      29   "Black" Sox Scandal
      30   Boston Strangler
      31   Kitty Genovese Murder
      32   Ronald Reagan Shooting
      33   Manuel Noriega
      34   Assassination of Malcolm X
      35   Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
      36   Frank Costello

      --   Great Crimes Shock Cards [Checklist]

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