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Grimm Seasons 3 & 4 - The Legacy
   Breygent Marketing - 2016

Notes: A full release had been expected for 2016. Thanks to John Biagioni for assistance!


No.             Title

Promo 1         (Juliette turned into a Hexenbiest)
Promo 2         (dead woman's head)
Promo 3         (Monroe and Rosalee, wedding car)
Chicago         (hooded character with wedding pictures; # to 100)
Copperhead      (eviscerated body in tree; # to 100)
Copperhead      (trubel; # to 100)
Copperhead      (five walking; # to 100; Philly Fall 2016)
NSU Promo       (Nick examining body on stairs)
Philly Promo    (Nick, Hank, Wu with book)
Philly Promo    (green head; Fall 2016)
Red Robin       (Geiger counter and body; # to 100)
Red Robin       (Adaline, Captain Renard with baby; # to 100)
Special         (before fire; # to 100)

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